9 Responses to Zettai Bouei Leviathan – 06

  1. naoya says:

    Examination time?

    At least we aren’t doing the special, it’s filled with signs everywhere >_>!

    • Assasin_Cross says:

      Nope, papers and projects ;;
      I think we gonna do special again but with different TSer :p.

    • phil says:

      Since you guys aren’t doing the special, could we get a short synopsis on what it was (or a link to watch it raw)? Something like “toy commercial” or “recap” would be plenty.

      Thanks for getting this out. Hopefully the next one will come together more quickly.

      • Naoya says:

        You can watch it raw here.


        The special begins with a brief recap of the lead up of events until episode 06 and introduces the 3 voice actresses voicing the 3 girls. After that, it features interviews about the impressions of the VA towards the characters they are voicing. They answer a few questions like what kind of similarities do they share in common with the character they are voicing. They also give a more detailed introduction of the personalities of the girls. After which, they start eating their character’s favourite food in the anime; Barley Tea, Beef Bowl and Pudding A La Mode. The final seven minutes sees the VAs raising the overall hype of the show describing it as going to be getting more serious, livelier, and with more action, compared to the slow and light-hearted approach we have been seeing in the past 6 episodes. However, the characteristic light-heartedness of the show will still be retained according to Eri Kitamura.

        That’s about it, I hope that helps a bit.

  2. anonymous says:

    Thank you so much!

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