Winter 2013 Tentative Plans

Usually we don’t do this sort of announcement, but ok.

First off, we’ll be doing Haganai S2 with our friends at AniYoshi.

Secondly, we would like to pick up DC III ~Da Capo III~ next season. However we need a Translator and/or TLC for it due to lack of one. And the rest of the team for it is mostly assembled already.

Well, it’s highly likely Crunchyroll and several other groups will do it too, but that’s normal nowadays. However, we want to translate it ourselves like all our releases.


So, if you’re interested in translating and/or TLCing it for us, please drop us an email at and/or PM sm2345 on Rizon IRC for details~

It’s confirmed to be a joint between us and AS Fansubs (ASF), who also did a few prior series. Look forward to more details later~


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3 Responses to Winter 2013 Tentative Plans

  1. Itadakiimasu says:

    AniYoshi fansubs is still active and alive? well that is surprising 😛

  2. derp\ says:

    i would really love to see haganai released ^^

    and da capo was to sad for me to watch but i must say it is a good serie

  3. Itadakiimasu says:

    I see you’re updating your project status so in regards to that may I request that you release all 3 ginga episodes at the same time? 😀 that would be such a good thing for the holidays a non-stop back to back episodes run. Don’t worry I have time to wait, just finished the exams and nothing to do for awhile.

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