White Album 2 – 05

WA2 05 mbs.mkv_snapshot_12.20_[2013.11.06_09.13.10]I think this means something.

Hello everyone! We’re much faster than last week, but still a bit slow. Thing is, in the Tokyo MX airing on Saturday, there was an earthquake warning, and the translator was a bit busy, so we decided to wait for the next airing, and we chose MBS as the best station of the lot. Too bad we cannot use it every week cos the airing is 2 days late. 🙁

Anyway, this episode is half-Setsuna and half-Touma. By the way, is it me or in every episode, Part A (before the eyecatch) and Part B (after the eyecatch) are dedicated to Setsuna and Touma or vice-versa? Also, what could that bunny picture above mean? I think these little details count.

It is a joint with our friends at Kaylith. Do be sure to visit them~


Translator: naoya

Timer: sm2345

Editor: HeavenlyArmed

TLC: Rikka

Typesetter: Fyurie

Encoding: Majin3

QC: Zehro, sm2345, HeavenlyArmed, Fyurie (somewhat)

 [Oyatsu-Kaylith] White Album 2 – 05 [720p][35FA74B1].mkv

Torrent || XDCC

Enjoy the snack~ Comments, feedback, suggestions are welcome.

EDIT: Ugh we made the same mistake as ep 4… First line of the ED should be “That unforgettable innocent voice”. Really sorry about this, guys…


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  1. FlameHaze says:

    Thanks! Also, I was wondering if ya’ll are still doing the Library Wars movie?

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