White Album 2 – 03

id5tCgQBMOcQ9Checking out her rival.

Midterms has been keeping everyone busy. Nevertheless, here you go, episode 3!

Setsuna is pretty and earnest and all, but Touma has a distinct charm of her own. That kind of resolve is kinda rare to find, I guess. I still can’t decide between the two.

[Oyatsu-Kaylith] White Album 2 – 03 [720p][C0C912C7].mkv

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Enjoy the snack~

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4 Responses to White Album 2 – 03

  1. Naoya says:


    Touma was playing √Čtude Op. 10, No. 5 by Chopin at the beginning of the episode.
    No. 5 is also famously known as the Black Key √Čtude. It got its name because No. 5 almost entirely uses the black keys. The entire Op. 10 which consists of 6 movements was dedicated by Chopin to Liszt.

  2. Starke says:

    Maybe for the batch or something but the line on or around 8:35 says:
    Why did you play anlong with the guitar in the next room?

    I suppose this should be:
    Why did you play along with the guitar in the next room?

    Regardless of this I’m watching White Album 2 from you and hope to keep seeing more.

    • zeroyuki says:

      Thank you very much for your constructive feedback. We acknowledge our imperfections and if only more people could be like you giving encouragement in this form and not trying to discredit every single mistake we have.

      • Starke says:

        It’s no big deal. Leechers like most of us can’t really complain about how fansub groups release their releases. You (and Kaylith) are doing this in their free time and it’s that I noticed the line while watching. If I see this I usually extract the subs, correct them and remux them in the episode (did this here as well). I’m posting it here so other people can enjoy the more correct subtitles once the batch is released (or something like that).

        Like I said I enjoy White Album 2 of your group and will keep watching (and waiting patiently) for more.

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