White Album 2 – 01

WA2 01.mkv_snapshot_01.28_[2013.10.07_22.06.04]He never knew what hit him.

Greetings everyone! This is one of our two Fall shows, and we’re happy to present you with the first episode of White Album 2! We had lots of fun working on it, and hope you like it. And also, we’ll be faster next week.

This is a joint with our friends at Kaylith. Do drop by them and say hi too~

This is adapted from a Visual Novel of the same name. And you don’t need to have seen the previous series to watch this.

Oh, and here’s the original song that appears in this episode:


[Oyatsu-Kaylith] White Album 2 – 01 [720p][CDEC5429].mkv

Torrent || XDCC

Enjoy the snack~ Comments, feedback, suggestions etc are welcome.

Virus note: Real joint name is [BritishCurry]. Gingers and weebs united, oh my!

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  1. toma says:

    You guys still working on Toshokan Sensou movie? Is still at editing phase?

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