What happened to Suki-tte Ii na yo

Good day, ladies and gentlemen. As you’ve noticed, we’ve fallen behind on Suki by about two episodes.

This has been caused due to the translator ditching us.

However, Keyied shall be taking over as a translator for this. And because she’s busy till Oct 30 with her exams, releases will come after that.

Long story short: It’s not dropped.

Also, Virus123 shall be temporarily taking over as the leader while I go tackle my exams. Many thanks to him for doing so.

So, expect more releases soon, and thank you for following us.


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2 Responses to What happened to Suki-tte Ii na yo

  1. tandem says:

    Not to sound like a spoil-sport, but I have stopped having any expectation of the so called “consistency” you claim on your tagline after your first translator left. I think none of your translators after that had the dedication to put Oyatsu on the fansubbing map. I knew Suki-tte is going down the same way, pretty much like Kokoro Connect.

    I guess i’m right to think that when choosing a group to follow, you must first look at the person translating the show.

  2. ohreal says:

    I agree. TBH i like oyatsu because you guys put in some nice work and do shows that most fansubb groups dont even want to touch but seriously you need to get your act together. Its tough being in UNI and dealing with ungrateful c$%*S like me but it might be time to get a real schedule going that will make it easier for people not to ditch, quit or have their real life take over to the point that you get behind so much. Too bad most of us who enjoy your work cant do anything more than complain and stalk the site because we have a very limited understanding of Japanese, encoding etc and crappy upload and download speeds

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