We’re not dead

Hello everyone, this is just to let you know that we’re not dead.

After some incidents, details of which I won’t bore you with, we’ve lost our old site, our ftp, as well as our archive bot.

We’re working on solving those issues, and we might move to a new address very soon. I’ll let everyone know when that happens.

For those worried, Ginga e Kickoff!! is NOT dropped. I cannot say anything about Kokoro Connect at this point in time.

So, no worries, everyone~

PS. Announcing this in advance, but we’re looking for an experienced editor to join us as well. Please PM sm2345 on #oyatsu@irc.rizon.net and/or send an email to oyatsufs@gmail.com . Thanks in advance.

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10 Responses to We’re not dead

  1. A says:

    thank you sir, i was really worried that you guys quit or stopped subbing ~ ( ^ ^ ,)Y

  2. DaRandoMan says:

    I appreciate the allayed subbing Oyatsu has to offer. I prefer Oyatsu subs even when they release 4-5 days later

  3. DeadSerious says:

    Probably ginga delay will exceed a month. Seriously.

    • anon says:

      Ginga 16 aired on 7/17
      Ginga 17 will air on 8/28

      That’s more than a month on break. The delay on 16 doesn’t matter since the next episode won’t air for a few more weeks anyway.

  4. Rdc85 says:

    I’m glad Ginga is not droped, It will be very sad days if it happen….

    hope every thing goes well, and any issue quickly resolved.

  5. Ishido says:

    Thank goodness for that! I got extremely depressed at the thought you were not doing any more subs anymore. I think you guys are great!!!

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