We’re 3 Years Old!

So well, yeah. We turn 3 today. On this day, 3 years ago, me, ZeroYuki and a few friends decided to start this group. Our objective was simple: Sub things in a simple way, and have fun while doing it. I personally wanted this, and have always strived for Oyatsu to be a place people can have fun and rest easy in. I know I haven’t succeeded fully, but I’ll continue striving toward that.

Our first project was Usagi Drop, and it was hella fun. The show was awesome by itself, and I remember how I impatiently waited my last practical class to end every Friday so that I could come back home quick and time it. We weren’t the best, but we had lots of fun.

The next season, we decided to try and be a little ambitious and do shows. Around that time, redtitan joined us as a Translator, and has been with us ever since.  The next season, Fall 2011, we did two shows: Tamayura ~hitotose~  and Mashiro Iro Symphony. Both were awesome shows, and were fun.

We also decided to sub an old forgotten show called Love Get Chu! forming a two-man team of me and ZeroYuki. We did till 24 after which we lost motivation, and thanks to Collectr’s efforts, episode 25 was done, and now the show is subbed till completion! This is yet another of our achievements we treasure.

Unfortunately, after that things started going downhill. I got too much obsessed with quality, and perhaps became over-ambitious. About this time, Shoujo_Q joined us, first as TLC, and then he kindly took over as a TL. We next decided to do Papa no iu koto wo kikinasai! but while we finished it, it was riddled by drama, bad management and things going wrong. We suffered some very saddening events such as one of our staff disappearing, and we lost our domain. And we also did Area no kishi for 6 episodes before it had to dropped.

Still, we managed to hang in there despite everything.

We also picked up Haganai and were bestowed with the rare honor of jointing with Aniyoshi, and thanks to the staff hanging in there, we were able to finish it. Especially a huge shoutout to f1ber and Collectr and everyone at Aniyoshi for making this possible. 🙂

In April 2012, Ginga e kickoff!! came along. I still remember ktiming and styling the songs and making the logo three days before my finals. Boy, those were the days. :3 And seriously, Ginga e kickoff!! is one of the few things I can say made my fansubbing career successful. Though we kept on being hit by delays and issues and whatnot, we still were able to finish it. Tis an awesome show on soccer and I highly recommend everyone watches it! On this occassion, let me thank Maceart and Ladholyman from Doremi for their extreme patience and cooperation for the show. Without them, we’d have never finished it. 🙂

Again, disaster struck in August, 2012, when due to a misunderstanding in part, one of our founding members ragequit and we lost our ftp, site, server  and archive bot. We decided to purchase our own server and start there.

So, Fall 2012 came about. I decided to try turning a new leaf with Kokoro Connect, but it was again a disaster, with busy staff, other groups’ popularity of the project. And it’s stalled even now… >_<

Fast forward to January, 2013. I still hadn’t given up on “resurrecting” Oyatsu, and I’d always been interested in the Da Capo series, so we decided to try doing Da Capo III. It was a joint with Anime-share Fansubs,  and it had to be one of our most successful and under-appreciated projects. Again, many thanks to ShinkuRyu and Akaiwolf here. It was fun, guys. :3 Again, thanks to DanielBryan and Aaeru too… Where are you guys ;_;

We decided to do Zettai Bouei Leviathan in April 2013, and it was a blast too. Unknown-san and archdeco came over to help. It was a silly show but hella fun, haha. Cute girls doing silly things and saving the world in the process. It was a very good project too, thanks to the staff’s efforts.

For Summer, I wanted to a nice show called Fantasista Doll, because it felt like a mix of Cardcaptor Sakura and Doraemon, both of which are favorites of mine. redtitan agreed to TL it and Kuzu TLC, but guess what, it got stalled forever due to lack of Typesetters, and though we decided to do the Bluray version later, it’s never been working out… Sigh.

Ever since Ginga e kickoff!!, I had grown to like NHK shows. They were different from the mainstream shows to me, so I wanted to do another show like that. So I was dead-beat on picking up Log Horizon in Fall 2013, and we did. But it didn’t work out… You can read the details in this blog post of mine.

Now Spring 2014 came along, and we decided to do  Seikoku no Dragonar. Honestly speaking, I liked what little I saw, but I should’ve done my homework better. Seriously, doing shows with tentacle rape isn’t our cup of tea. I have  contemplated dropping the series many times, but well, at the end, we just decided to finish it. The show to me is a mediocre one that I won’t remember a few years from now. Sorry.

Also, my best friend and cofounder, ZeroYuki decided to retire midway in Dragonar. Also, we were short on editing manpower since Lann094 was busy with real-life, a mysterious person named MysteriousY extended an offer to help first with QC and then edit. We’re really grateful to him for all he’s been doing for us, and hope he gets back to us soon.

And now, here we stand. With two episodes of Dragonar remaining, they’ll be finished steadily, so no worries there. Also, we’re doing Glasslip next season as a joint with Evetaku.

However, let me be honest here. On a personal note, I had started Oyatsu when I was in 2nd year of college, and now I have graduated and am about to move to another city in a few days to work. I am sure my free time will be much lesser now… Besides, with ZeroYuki retired, half my reason to fansub is now gone. Besides, I feel that fansubbing ongoing anime is pointless, with every show simulcasted and the viewers being spoilt thanks to that.

So, let me make this announcement: Unless something changes like one of our beloved shows getting a season 2, or some awesome VN gets an adaptation, Glasslip will very likely our last ongoing show for a while.

Does that mean we’re gonna be dead? Nope. If you hadn’t noticed already, we’ve picked up Fureraba, an awesome Visual Novel. You can find the details on the Visual Novel page on the site. Also, there are a few few-years-old shows I want proper releases of before before I retire fansubbing. Besides, if the stars align, we’d like to work on more VNs, since the work is more but is much more rewarding than working on any ongoing anime. Sorry.

Lastly, let me thank minglong for his awesome tracker, which we’ve been using since we started, as well as Hologfx, Power2All, GBreadFox, archdeco and anyone and everyone who has helped us, and also EVERYONE of the current and former staff, direct or indirect including the people who have agreed to help us for Glasslip, and the nice people from Evetaku for agreeing to the joint. I love you all~!

But special thanks go to ZeroYuki. Without him, we’d have never started off, as well as been able to be where we are right now. His sharp tongue helped me keep my feet on the ground and not get carried away, and many a time, his awesome advice was a boon for us. I’m sorry for upsetting you all the time, ZY. But seriously, any number of thanks will fail to convey how grateful we are, haha. 🙂

And last but not the least, thank you to all our beloved viewers who watch our releases, past or present. Without you, most of our work would be for nothing. Thank you.

I apologize for this very long rant, but it’s not everyday I get an opportunity put my feelings into words. 🙂

PS. One of the small things we’re proud of is never having used a simulcasted script as base for any of our projects done till date. All our projects are original translations, and we feel proud to be able to do that in an era where the definition of fansubbing has literally ‘evolved’ to ‘editing simulcast subs and enhancing them visually and textually’. All of our future projects will be original translations too.

PPS. One of the best things you can gain from fansubbing and being a fansubber is meeting lots of new people, and more often than not, you can make new best friends, above and beyond fansubbing. I forgot to mention this, but this I feel is very true.

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12 Responses to We’re 3 Years Old!

  1. ZeroYuki says:

    Ginga e Kickoff is our most successful project followed by Mashiro. I think you did a perfect job with Oyatsu. I definitely won’t be coming back to fansubbing, and one of the reasons why I have been ignoring everyone including you is that I am afraid I might change my mind. But I made up my resolve to stop subbing at a time where it is no longer needed.

    At the very least, you get to work on VNs which is definitely more meaningful and contributes to the community. Whatever you wish to do, I am proud to have worked with you. That will never change.

    Anyway, if you like NHK, try Baby Steps. It’s a really good show about a tennis rookie. It isn’t shounen or anything like that, just the basics of working hard and getting your priorities right. It is strikingly similar to Ginga e Kickoff, but who am I to compare them.

    • sm2345 says:

      I know. But do drop by IRC now and then check the email so we can hang out and chat, lol.

      And I think you retired at a nice timing, and there’s simply no point imo.

      As for VNs, I want to go along that path, yes.

      And for Baby Steps, I actually read a few chapters when I was just getting into manga, like what, 4 years ago? It was only a few chapters then, but I liked it.

      Ironically, we never got around to feeling like subbing it, did we, lol. 😛 Life is weird sometimes. But yeah, I’ll check it out. 🙂

      • flossifer says:

        1. It’s a brave new world, yet again. Fansubbers forced better stuff to happen. And I’m not yet at all certain that two years from now something will not have collapsed and we’ll be back to square one.

        2. You two should meet up at a convention somewhere for fun

  2. FlameHaze says:

    Is some fansubbers love for fansubbing anime so shallow that it is easily shattered by simulcasters like crunchyroll or funi? I have seen quite a few reasons like, “We don’t want to compete.” or “They release faster than us.” Whats it matter? Fansubbers put more time & effort into releases with Quality instead of just pushing out half assed releases for profit. There are people like me who still wait for fansubbers releases no matter how long they take. It saddens me that some fansubbers are giving into them & don’t want to see it die off. I don’t want this to come off the wrong way. Tough love I suppose.lol I respect y’alls decision. Thanks for all that y’all have done & continue to do.

    • sm2345 says:

      Well, I’m not qualified to speak for my fellow fansubbing friends out there, but here’s what I think now:

      1. If a show already has excellent subs (not all shows have it), there’s no point in me touching it.

      2. Honestly speaking, my way of thinking doesn’t match the modern definition of fansubbing, and it throws me off quite a lot. Let’s take the following two scenarios:

      a)I pick up 3 or 4 shows next season, take the simulcast subs, encode from the simulcast videos, and do some basic Typesetting and song translation and release all of them, WITHOUT saying what my source of script is (and honestly, I don’t think I’m obliged to tell you), and
      b) Translate a show myself from scratch, have it go through all the steps in traditional fansubbing, and then release it maybe a couple of days later saying it’s our own translation.

      Now, let’s assume you’re a general anime fan who doesn’t bother caring about what fansubs are. Will you go for a) or b)? (I know you personally will go for b but try putting yourself in that person’s shoes for a minute).

      Thing is, the way I think, the original translation way, is obsolete now, and I don’t wish to do releases that fall under group a), unlike the “norm” nowadays.

      3. Now this is strictly my personal opinion, and it might be the most different from what most of my friends think: I love Visual Novels, and whenever I read an awesome one in Japanese, I can’t help but think how great it’d be if it were released in English, and more people could enjoy what I’m enjoying. Now that leads to the logic that my work will be put to better use if I use whatever skills I have to Translate those, instead of working on something someone else has already done, and (maybe) has done a better job than what I could do. So, despite loving the show, I know there are already great subs out there, so I don’t think I’ll bother with the way I am right now. If I were me 2 years ago, I’d have jumped in, no questions asked. But not now anymore… ^^;;

      4. Regarding the shallow love point, I love anime too. But for me, it’s practicality > romanticism nowadays, I’m afraid. ^^;;

      Oh, and if you want to know what hurts people who put in lots of effort to what they do: http://www.nyaa.se/?page=view&tid=567939 5th comment.

      But yeah, I’m blaming no one, just trying to explain why I want to leave, that’s all. 🙂

      PS. I only watch Eveyuu for NGNL and I’m still waiting for 12. ;p

  3. FlameHaze says:

    That’s deep man. Yep, it sucks that it has come to that & it sucks that there are people like the one that commented on that torrent. I wish things would go back to the old ways. Thanks for the reply back & good luck with the light novels.

  4. FlameHaze says:

    Thanks for the links. I’m gonna have to check them out.

  5. BonzeR says:

    Here, I always searching for original translations. I once a follower of the big group before I realise, they just using CR script. Had to do some research to find fansub with their own original translation. I always appreciate their work. I’m willing to wait for their release at some point, way past few season until they announce it is dropped which latter had to find another fansub. Wish I can help fansub group in any way I could but I just simply lack of skill and actual experience. I appreciate you guys!

  6. Dan says:

    Congratulations with the 3 years achievement/milestone! And here’s to hoping many years to come!

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