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I managed to find the full PV of Waremete’s OP. The single is slated for release on 22.10.2014, which is actually in a few days time. I personally find the OP to be one of the better ones for Autumn alongside with Sora no Method’s.

The song is sung by Satou Satomi, a voice actress notable for her roles as Wendy in Fairy Tail, as well as Eru in Hyouka a few years back. She plays a minor character of Karin Fukazawa in Waremete, too, as with the tradition of most eroge adaptations, where the singer of the theme song would only feature as cameos.

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5 Responses to Waremete OP – Le jour

  1. Chizuru says:

    How’s status with Seikoku?
    It can’t be that hard to release it within a week.
    I don’t want to sound rude, but what’s taking you so long =?

    • zeroyuki says:

      Firstly, I am ZeroYuki, the author of this post. Dragonar is under the purview of sm2345, who always has the tendency to break promises, so I wouldn’t take his word at face value if I were you. A look at the staff chan shows that the final episode is at TLC.

      As for Glasslip, which I also have no part in, they are at QC and TLC respectively.

      As much as I would like to speed things up, these things tend not to be within my control. Case in point, Waremete is deviating from the usual schedule because of the TL’s work commitments. This led to a chain reaction in the rest of the processes, causing possible further delays. Past experience tells me that any project with Oyatsu will inevitably go down this slippery path to more delays, which starts from one delay. Unfortunately, I cannot talk any sense to the parties involved, which usually tends to be sm2345, and they(he) have remained recalcitrant. What I would suggest is for you to download from other groups instead of waiting for us.

  2. Irse says:

    Wow, dat OP *_*
    When the episode 3?

  3. Suhaib says:

    That is an excellent song, great find.
    Thank you for sharing ;D

  4. Chizuru says:

    Thanks for your fast and extensive reply 🙂
    It was not my intention to sound as if I meant you when I was talking about Seikokus delay. It was just that I wanted a clear answer why it’s taking so damn long, but now I finally got my answer.

    Thank you 🙂

    Well, I was waiting for your release because of your good quality, Typesetting and cause your sub is uncut. I found only one other uncut version, but wanted to give you a chance to release it within this month (that’s almost over now). I really don’t know why sm2345 doesn’t release it quick. That would solve one delay and he/she could concentrate on other things.

    Thanks anyway for your fast and detailed answer 😉
    I’l try the other release then.

    Still good luck with your future and your current projects to get released fast and with quality =)

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