Visual Novel

Project #1: Fureraba ~Friend to Lover~ Trial Ver.


Information: VNDB and Fuwanovel forum thread.

Overall Progress as of June 30, 2014:

  • 215 of 5012 lines translated
  • 46 of 5012 lines edited
  • 0 of 5012 lines marked as final.

[table caption=”Per-Route Progress” colwidth=100 colalign=center]
TL,38.158%,0%,0%,0%,0.107%,0%,1.173%,88/281 tl-ed
Edit/TLC,6.579%,0%,0%,0%,0%,0%,1.173%,32/281 edited
Final,0%,0%,0%,0%,0%,0%,0%,0/281 final


Translator: sm2345

Translation Checker: Kuzu

Editor: Lann094

Image Editing: JeMhUnTeR

Technical Stuff: some_loli_catgirl

We are looking for more Translators and one Translation Checker! No experience needed for Translators. Please PM sm2345 at in IRC or shoot an email to if interested!

2 Responses to Visual Novel

  1. Granberia says:

    I hope this VN gets translated cause it looks so epic! If not whole at least the trial. Good luck guys! :3

  2. Wenz says:

    if only i can understand japanese words,..
    Do your best guys 🙂

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