Vanquished Queens OVA – 02



[Waku-Oyatsu] Queen’s Blade ~Vanquished Queens OVA~ – 02 (BD 1920×1080 x264 10bit AAC) [D7D69EA6].mkv


Managed to find some teasing screenshots that just keeps it within limits. Anything more than that would probably be unacceptable to the group’s policy.

sm2345 offered to helpĀ me time the script. I’ve decided to insert Oyatsu into the joint out of good will. Still, this is only like two man work. PleaseĀ don’t expect too much. The quality you see is not in anyway representative of Oyatsu.


PS: Almost forgot to mention, expect the torrent to be slow as I am seeding this myself. Sorry about that. But patience is a virtue.

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  1. dannphou says:

    How’s progress on Log Horizon? Was it getting worked on after Dec. 6?

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