Ushinawareta Mirai wo Motomete – 03

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Umm, elven ears, anyone?03 [89FC6C06]_001_27645


[Oyatsu] Ushinawareta Mirai wo Motomete – 03 (1280×720 10bit h264 AAC) [FB01D610].mkv

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Hello, we present you Ushinawareta 03 at last!

Is the spirit real? Is it an illusion?

And uh, next release in January most likely. Sorry about that.

Enjoy the snack~

A_C Edit: Net died yesterday :/

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17 Responses to Ushinawareta Mirai wo Motomete – 03

  1. anonymous says:

    Oyatsu be praised!

  2. Geese1 says:

    Thanks for sticking with this series!

  3. XenZ says:

    Thank You … Been waiting for your release 🙂

  4. anonymouse says:

    Fate in humanity restored. Guess, January will be a good month.

  5. VSxERLolitaku428 says:

    Waiting for quality should be a given again, like it used to be…more or less. Anyway, there definitely are still people thankfully waiting, like I usually do, but are less vocal then those **** that just bitch about every wait…

    But that being said, still waiting patiently for you to finish Seikoku no Dragonar. owo

  6. jakeman95 says:

    Yes, there are still people out here that prefer quality >fansubs< over anything else. Unfortunately there are too many people out there who need instant gratification, but there are those of us who wait for good groups to do do their work.

    Can't wait to see you guys finish this.

  7. anonymous says:

    “Good Fansub Group” such an oxymoron.

  8. Chizuru says:

    My prob with Seikoku is, that I (did) sub it myself, but I’m in a speed sub group and did use Oyatsus releases, but then nothing came anymore. Everyone wants to finish it and it’s already more than half a year that the last episode came out. No one needs that much time for an episode, even with editing, karaoke, effects, typesetting and the such.

    I’ll be glad when you release it, but I’ll take another release then.
    I’m not one of the people who ‘bitch around’ as everyone metioned before, but I just can’t understand why that member of your did let you wait that long. One of you said, this was his/her project and that he/she doesn’t respond and you can’t do anything else than wait. I can’t comprehend why that person’s doing this o.o

    Not meant bad, but that’s how I feel about this whole situation.

    • sm2345 says:

      Okay, so let me explain.

      1. The editor who has worked on it, has edited almost all the episodes except a couple, so I’d like to stick with him till the end.
      2. We’re short of editors, like badly short. Our only alive editor is busy with RL, and I haven’t put up any editor recruitment posts cos who’d want to help an almost-dead group for 8 eps?
      3. Most of the people I used to fansub with have retired, only 3 or 4 remain. And the reason I founded this group has retired, so motivation is at an all-time low.
      4. The current fansubbing scene is crap like anything. Can’t really see that motivates me.

      And you know why the shows are stalled, and why I prefer rewatching Hataraku Maou-sama and reading Lovesick Puppies to working on fansubbing stuff.

      Still, no matter how hypocritical I sound, I’ll still finish Dragonar and Glasslip and Ushinawareta. I just don’t know when.

  9. Chizuru says:

    1. I didn’t say that you need to search for a new editor. Just a bit more information would be nice. My point is that nothing new about Seikoku (expect for promises) came this year. It’s just one episode, not much TS and shouldn’t be that big of a problem. That you need time is completely understandable, but not a full year for one single episode.

    2. Good to know. And good luck to find some more again or that you’ll be able to get yourself up again in the future =3

    3. That’s understandable and very sad =/ Your quality is great and that’s why I wanted to stick with you as well. But I don’t blame you for being so late with that many reasons and demotivation.

    4. Well, the german fansubbers are pretty motivated (such as I). But I see what you mean. I saw many english sub groups that lack of people in the last season and that couldn’t release everything they wanted like they wanted.

    Well, good luck for your future projects and those you still need to finish. I didn’t mean to complain much about the last times I wrote here, it was just not understandable why it took/takes you so long to release one single episode. Nevermind, now. I hope your subber future will soon get better 🙂

    • ZeroYuki says:

      There are no simulcasts like Crunchyroll or FUNIMATION in German unlike for English. The point is, when there are legal alternatives out there that release so fast, and of an acceptable standard, there is no longer reason to subtitle into English unless you have so much time on your hands to the point that you would waste them. Therefore. this is not the problem about staff shortages. Even if there are staff available, when they lose the motivation due to the lack of reason to fansub, they become slow.

      • VSxERLolitaku428 says:

        Implying that FUNIMATION would have acceptable quality except for very few exceptions…
        Through CR hast become acceptable most of the time in the last years, it’s still, like you said too, only acceptable, not good quality…

        • sm2345 says:

          The thing is, people don’t really care for quality nowadays. It’s all about getting your anime dose on time, every time, as soon as possible. Who cares if the subs are garbage?

          • VSxERLolitaku428 says:

            Well, through I take it this question is posed to the majority – which doesn’t, sadly – but I at the very least do, and I think others too. At least most people that at the very least undestand some very simple japanese sentences, as these are often twisted and stuff already, so yeah…still gonna wait through, no matter how long. owo
            (as long as there is no “dropped” as far as Seikoku no Dragonar goes in this case and also in all other cases where I’m waiting/will wait)

  10. Chizuru says:

    @Zero Yuki
    There are not?
    Yes, there are german simulcasts on CR, but I was talking about me as a subber. And as I said, I just couldn’t understand how you can’t finish a single episode in a year. Nothing more to talk about. I’ll download it, when it’s out, but I’ll sub an alternative now anyway.

    And I got to know CR’s quality in Shinmai Maou no Keiyakusha. I’m happy that FFF subs it as well. So I don’t have to stick with CR.

    And I’m not one of those who want the anime out fast, but I’m a speed fansubber. Ou sub group provides fast subs AND good quality. No grammar mistakes, good translation and so on. I would wait patently as well, if I hadn’t to release it fast. And that’s actually not a problem, cause I need approximately 2-4 hours for an episode (depends on the amount of lines and TS).

    I didn’t want to say anything bad about Oyatsu being that late, I just “couldn’t” understand why it ‘is’ so damn late.

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