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Not sure if posting here will get any views, but there’s no harm trying since I don’t get that much traffic to my blog either. As this is also relevant to our only project Usagi Drop, I want to invite viewers who are currently following the anime to read the manga as well. The manga has completed its run with 55 chapters and the latest chapter to be scanlated is chapter 51. This is after a long hiatus because of lack of raws as well as scanlation groups dropping them.

A big shout out to WOW!scans who have scanlated chapter 51, you can get the chapter by visiting their website here. Other chapters can be obtained here or read on manga websites.

As of episode 01 of Usagi Drop, the anime has so far been faithful to the manga. However it remains to be seen how they will manage to animate all 55 chapters into 11 episodes.

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