Usagi Drop ED “High High High”

The single has officially been released. This will mean the lyrics will be updated from episode 04 onwards.

I had a glance at the lyrics and it seems that the controversial line which I have tled as “utae life life life” is incorrect. From the official lyrics; “歌えライライライ” it should be “utae rai rai rai”.  Rai (ライ) could mean a few things; firstly it could mean “lie“, secondly it could mean “rye” and lastly it could mean “Rai” as in the Algerian music genre.

For me, I have personally decided to go with the last one which is an Algerian music genre. You can find more details about this form of music on wikipedia.

I hope by clarifying things out, people will be able to understand why I choose to translate certain terms in a certain way.

The single can be downloaded from Nipponsei.

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2 Responses to Usagi Drop ED “High High High”

  1. sm2345 says:

    I’d like to say that I was the one who suggested “Life Life Life”, which turned out to be wrong. ZeroYuki had another interpretation, which also seems wrong. I mean to say that I am also responsible. 🙂

  2. fanaddict22 says:

    I looove this opening! It’s so light. It’s such a feel-good song. And the animation’s really cute and colorful. ^_^

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