Usagi Drop – 2.5

Hello there, everyone~ We present you Usagi Drop 2.5~ It is a 5 minute special from the BD.

It’s about leaves and fish. 🙂 Though only 5 minutes, it does show a nice way example of creativity applied in a splendid fashion.

We all enjoyed working on it, and hope you’ll like it too. ^_^

[Oyatsu] Usagi Drop 2.5 (1280×720 BD AAC) [BA947310].mkv

Torrent || DDL

Enjoy the snack. 😀 Comments, feedback, suggestions etc are welcome.

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9 Responses to Usagi Drop – 2.5

  1. cikora says:

    When batch of Usagi Drop with fixes is coming out?

    • sm2345 says:

      Unfortunately, due to Bluebell having her exams, it is currently halted at TLC. You can expect the batch in December.

      For now, enjoy the specials. 🙂

  2. ColoRGreen says:

    Is there any more of these? Or is it only one.

    • sm2345 says:

      I think there’s one special with every volume of the Bluray, so one special every month.

    • Des says:

      Four short episodes bundled with DVD/Blu-Ray.

      Vol.1: Episode 2.5 “Aquarium of Leaves”
      Vol.2: Episode 3.5 “Dear My Santa Claus”
      Vol.3: Episode 6.5 “Full Blossom in the Sky”
      Vol.4: Episode 8.5 “Way Home”

  3. Bryan says:

    Thank you for your release!

    PS: Love Get Chu will be finished or has been dropped?

  4. Bryan says:

    Greats news!
    Sorry for my bad english, I’m italian and I used Google translator.

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