Usagi Drop – 06

Sorry for the wait! Here’s Usagi Drop 06.

BTW, in the screenshot, Rin’s face clearly says, “Boys are stupid.” 😀

Many thanks to:

TL – ZeroYuki

Time/QC – sm2345

Edit – AvidElite

TS/Styling – Shana-is-my-waifu

K-Timing/Distro – MarukoM

 [Oyatsu] Usagi Drop – 06 (1280×720 x264 AAC) [0BA3FFD4].mkv

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Enjoy the snack. 😀 Comments, feedback, suggestions etc are welcome.

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5 Responses to Usagi Drop – 06

  1. Otsuya says:

    “Watashi ni ha okki sugiru kanaa?” means “Is it too big (package) for me?”
    “kemono michi” means “animal trail”
    “kemono” means “animal”

    • ZeroYuki says:

      Kemono (獣) can also mean animal, but it actually means beast and is more commonly used that way. I’m sure you would have heard someone calling another a kemono when he does monstrous stuff.

      Doubutsu (動物) is more commonly used to as animal.

      I concede that that beast trail or monster trail sounds horrible. I would have used animal trail if not for what I feel strongly about using the word beast.

      As for 03:20, it’s vague no matter how you interprete it. Package wasn’t specifically mentioned, and taking into account Rin’s childish way of phrasing stuff, I had the preconception that she meant her to be too old for it. I guess it’s a mistranslation on my part.

      • Otsuya says:

        I can understand what you are saying.
        But “kemono michi” is a phrase.
        There is no phrase “doubutsu michi” in Japanese.

        Anyway, thanks for translation.

  2. Elnoyle2h says:

    Thank you guys for another release

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