Usagi Drop – 04

Here’s Usagi Drop 04. Sorry for the wait. 😀

Also, there are a few things I would like to announce. First of all, a warm welcome to MarukoM, who’ll be k-timing and distroing for us from now on. 🙂 And many thanks to Shinisaki for helping seed our previous releases. You can visit Shini’s site here.

This means that now we have OP and ED karaoke!  🙂

Also, from this episode onwards, the official lyrics are being used for the ED, as mentioned by ZeroYuki in the previous post. Those who want the official lyrics can find it here.

Many thanks to:

TL – ZeroYuki

Time/QC – sm2345

Edit – AvidElite

TS/Styling – Shana-is-my-waifu

K-Timing/Distro – MarukoM

[Oyatsu] Usagi Drop – 04 (1280×720 x264 AAC) [7E7D36F3].mkv

Torrent || DDL || References

Enjoy the snack. 😀

Comments, feedback, suggestions etc are welcome.

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7 Responses to Usagi Drop – 04

  1. Kuroi says:

    I compared your releases with other ones (e.g. from Doki, Commie, HorribleSubs, etc.) and I have to say, yours are by far the best! Not only that I like your translation, timing and the overall good and constant quality, everyone can see that you love subbing anime, and probably that’s the most important thing doing a good fansub job.

    Thank you very much for your nice snacks!

  2. Elnoyle2h says:

    Thank you for the release guys. I’m mad how the manga ended but i guess it was going through that road since chapter 25.; still, i think it good and i don’t feel it was a waste bad at all. The anime is great don’t get me wrong and i really like how the ED karaoke came up. Keep the good work.

  3. jintan says:

    I follow Commie’s version but you guys have the best translations. Keep up the good work.

  4. Tal says:

    Thank you so much for releasing this show!

    For some reason it seems that I cannot see the karaoke correctly, instead of Japanese characters I see squares (like there’s a missing font) – it never happened to me with any other fansubs, so it’s probably something in this release. Does anyone know how to fix it?

  5. Paulo says:

    Keep up the good work!

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