To all KEY Fans out there

Since this is a good occassion  to do so, allow me to digress on another matter.

I’m sure there are many of you out there who have come across KEY’s works. If you liked Kanon, Clannad, Air, or Little Busters, then you know you have seen their work.  They are the awesome people who developed those Visual Novels.

So, did you know that KEY will be celebrating their 15th anniversary next year on 21st July?

And, on this occassion, an anthology is being made by fans which will consist of fan-made letters, art, and videos. And, they’d like more submissions from fans all across the globe. So here is your chance to participate! Even a simple “Thank you for your hard work” message written from the bottom of your heart counts a lot.

So, please head over to the Key 15th Anniversary Letter Project page for more details on how to submit and stuff.

Allow me to quote the main person behind this project, Cloud668, for introducing you about the details of the things:

“Ever since submissions opened this past August, a number of dedicated Key fans from different parts of the world have sent in short messages and letters to express their appreciation to Key. These submissions represent fans from a variety of locations (Brazil and Vietnam to name a few) that are not within the official reach of Key and Visual Art’s, and reinforces our goal to display the cultural diversity among fans who share a common gratefulness for Key’s works and their effects on our lives. I am also pleased to announce that a number of translation groups and individuals have given their support to the project by helping spread awareness of the project, and that the number of new submissions have risen as a result of their efforts.

Nevertheless, to better represent the influence and reach of Key’s works and the proportion of their fans, the Key 15th Project remains in need of more submissions. With the holiday season ongoing, I would like to encourage fans of Key’s titles to participate in the project. If you would like to participate, you can submit a Key-themed artwork, image, letter, or even just a simple, short message expressing your gratitude; project volunteers will do their best to translate these contributions. You can also help by simply spreading the word about the project to your friends or even just republishing this post. Participation in any form will be much appreciated.

To end my post, I would like to conclude with a short quote from Tomoyo After that I think reflects the project’s aims quite well—

Before I realised it, a lot of people had gathered in the kitchen to make sweets, and they were all smiling.

May everyone have a happy Christmas.
– Cloud668

For more information, please visit the about page. Submissions can be made here.

Thanks a lot. 🙂

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