The Joke continues…

Just a note, the person posting this is not ZY.

sm2345, the master troll and joker, refusing to drop or give any accountability of the previous incomplete projects, attempts to start another new one.

The joke is to see how many episodes actually pan out before he gets tired of it, but yet refuses to acknowledge that and insists he will finish it. You are free to put up a wager on the comments, whether it gets moderated or not, is really beyond my control. For those who genuinely think this troll will deliver, please save your souls from his blasphemy.

The show he is doing will be done by probably CR and another group. Avoid Oyatsu like a plague.


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3 Responses to The Joke continues…

  1. aaa says:

    I bet 0.

  2. Blubbeh says:

    3, anything released in 2016 won’t count.

    And to be honest, I am avoiding you this season. I can take delays, but there are limits.
    Heck, I waited for Glasslip and you delivered, but I didn’t care much about the show anyways.

    But yeah, not that I matter as an individual, but I won’t be picking up an Oyatsu release anymore unless it’s an old finished show or you’ll restore trust in having a reasonable timeframe of delays at best for airing anime.

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