The case of Log Horizon

s you know, our 2nd project for this season is Log Horizon. I wanted to say some things about that and its status in this post.

First of all. the script is almost ready. But:

There are two things to note about this show:

  1. Some parts of the TV broadcast for this show, especially in the Opening, are badly bitrate starved. That means the OP may not look as good to you as the other series might have been. However, you might notice “blockiness” in those scenes, despite our best efforts to remove those artifacts and ensure a nice picture. We’ll be doing our best so that the impact is minimum, but please bear with us for that. (PS. CR stream looks better, but I don’t want to use that.)
  2. The show has LOTS of signs. Think Acchi Kocchi. There are ~250 signs in all the first episode alone. Now even though we have two typesetters working on it, this is taking time. We’re also doing everything we can to ensure that we get this out ASAP without burning them out.

A sample of the kind of signs we’re dealing with:







Please bear with us, and you have our thanks if you’re still waiting for us.

UPDATE 15th Oct, 2013: Ok guys, the issues for the encode has been mostly fixed. We shall be fine-tuning the settings in future episodes for the best quality possible.

Now, for the typesetting. After waiting for a week for the TSers, turns out they were busy and all. So no typesetters, so I’m filling in. And I’m sorry, but eps will be released as v0. What does that mean? Minimalistic typesetting by me, with the signs translated and with basic typesetting, but no fancy stuff. Why? Well guys, that’d mean delaying episode 1 for another week. Besides, about 8 hrs every week is being spent by me every week to translate and do other stuff. I cannot fansub all week. 🙁 Besides, Typesetting is one of my sub-jobs aka not my primary job. 😛 So yeah, my apologies for this. Still, I hope you will enjoy the release when it comes out.

v1 will be out if and when a dedicated typesetter joins us and does the truckload of signs.

Thank you very much for your understanding, and it inspires me that some people are actually waiting for our release to come out. I hope we won’t let you guys down.

16th October 2013:

SomanyTSStill only 60% done after 12 hrs effort in 2 days. And I need to catch a train in a few hours, that’ll take about 2 days to take me back home. So episode 1 hopefully by this weekend guys. I really wanted to finish it up by this time and release it, but it didn’t happen. Sorry for the wait. If you’re still waiting, you have my gratitude. And I wonder how many lines it’ll be when the process is done. And it’s a v0, even…

19th October 2013:

LH 01 let's-blur-everything-because-sm-says-it-looks-better-edition_001_13907

11 mins in. The most bad signs have been taken care of. Once again, the v0 will have acceptable typesetting I think. Translating ep 3 first, though.

24th October 2013:

85% done. 3380 lines of Typesetting and counting. Decided to Translate episode 3 after finishing this hell. Also, midterms week is next week, so trying to release 1 and 2 before then, and 3-5 the week after my midterms. Talk about borked schedules, lol.

25th/26th October 2013:

90%. 5897 lines so far. You’d better have xy-VSFilter installed on your PC (CCCP comes with it by default). And done till the 20:14 Flying Flyer Weasel sign. Thanks for catching the error before it went to release. ^_^

Just did the worst sign yet. 7008 lines. Praying that the next lot is copy-pastable.

AND DONE. 7255 7782 lines of Typesetting. Now to QC and release in a few hours. AT LAST, AWW YEAH! (Missed a scene, caught while QC, done Typesetting that too).

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32 Responses to The case of Log Horizon

  1. anon says:

    >CR stream looks better, but I don’t want to use that.
    Is it because of the usual issues (like color and banding) that usually plague CR’s videos?

    >that screenshot
    Your typesetters have my respect. I would have run away if I saw that.

  2. LL says:

    Will the issues with the Opening be only in the first episode or the whole series? I ask because i would love to see amazing karaoke with a great looking quality video…

    also i wish your typesetters all the best ganbare onii-chan’s ~~~!!!

    all the best to Oyatsu I’ve always followed you guys since Mashi-iro and Tamayura amazing quality subs all the best with this series as well as White Albumn 2!!

  3. Rewston says:

    It will be worth the wait <3

  4. Nyara♥ says:

    I’m gonna wait, don’t worry, I know how painful can be typeset more than 500+ signs on a single episode. ;_;

  5. EinsamerWanderer says:

    I have no problem waiting for a quality release. I always appreciate all the work you put into your projects.

  6. Shin-kun says:

    any updates?

    • sm2345 says:

      Encode problem for 01 is more or less solved.

      Typesetting under way for 01.

      Luckily, 02 does not have many signs. 🙂

  7. anon says:

    Is that status correct? Plan is to get it out tomorrow but progress is only at 10%?

    Or did you forget a digit and that’s supposed to be 100%.

    • sm2345 says:

      Hahahaha. Even I wish I missed a digit and 100% done were magically the case. 🙂

      But yes, still aiming for that tough deadline.

  8. Mike says:

    About Levia Spesials – – here are all of them in HD.

  9. Sandy says:

    Out of those 250+ signs, how many of them are essential?

    Most fansub groups only sub the important signs, and leave out the not-so-important ones. I appreciate what you guys are doing, but if the sign was something like “Sorry, we’re closed” or “No Smoking”, I can live without it.

  10. popmyloli says:

    lmao this has been the greatest mind tease I have ever had lol Last week, It’ll come out by the weekend. Weekend, we will have both eps done by Monday. Monday, sorry for the delays it shall be fully completed Tuesday. Tuesday, well people bailed on the signs so it shall be completed next week fully. You guys practice mind sadism. The fact I love your work you know I’m going to wait lol I’ll wait for your completed version before jumping on board with v0. When you have a great anime its always best to wait when a great group releases it in its perfect form. gives you that full effect ow factor. Keep up the good work. I’ll be looking forward to it.

  11. Ddraig says:

    I love perfect type, for this I’ll wait without problems 🙂

  12. popmyloli says:

    You guys and Aniyoshi should team up for this project. May be a great collab and help with the issues you may be facing now. Especially being you worked together before.

  13. popmyloli says:

    Call the joint collab Oyoshii or skip the extra ‘i’ xD

  14. popmyloli says:

    I can probably ask Evetaku if they have any typesetters willing to assist you guys.

  15. Xikarra says:

    This looks really painful to typeset. I’ll wait for your hard work.

  16. popmyloli says:

    Better yet ask itw onn their channel for assistance for this series.

    • sm2345 says:

      We’ve been observing your efforts. Really appreciate it. ^^ And thanks for the link as well~

      • popmyloli says:

        Hopefully someone decides to help. Till then I’ll just keep trying to ask for you guys k

        • sm2345 says:

          I highly doubt anyone would be willing to help us, given the past experiences (Fantasista Doll hasn’t had a single release yet…). Still, thank you very much for your efforts. ^^

  17. popmyloli says:

    Well do not think I’ll throw in the towel just yet ;D

  18. phil says:

    “And done till the 20:14 Flying Flyer Weasel sign. Thanks for catching the error before it went to release. ^_^”

    Are you sure it’s “Flyer” and not “Briar?” I mean, they’re weasels with thorns on them, and they don’t fly, and the difference in spelling is two little dots.

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