Tamayura ~hitotose~ – 12 END

[Oyatsu] Tamayura ~hitotose~ – 12 END (1280×720 x264 AAC) [79AE2162].mkv

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In this final episode of Tamayura ~hitotose~, we look at how the girls fare in the long awaited exhibition of their own, where they showcase the hardwork they have put in. After which, the girls prepare to usher in the New Year with a series of activities culminating in a road trip, which seemed almost bound to go wrong. How will they survive the start of the Brand New Year?

With that, we end Tamayura. As I always reiterate, a project will not work out without the effort of each and every staff. It is a collaborative effort. MarukoM has to time and k-time weekly as Tamayura has many inserts. Shana-is-mai-waifu has to TS the numerous signs, while AvidElite has to brush up on my unnatural English. Also, not forgeting sm2345, who has to coordinate the processes to ensure it flows and does the QC to make it releasable.

By completing our second straight airing project with the third coming along, it proves that we have staff who has commitment. That coupled with doing a show that we all like, it ensures we complete a project with enjoyment.

I hope you have enjoyed it as much as we did working on it.

EDIT: There are two photographs at 10:53, we messed up the sequence of translation.

The top photo:(楽しく  てブレブレ)= I’m excited, hands are shaking

Bottom photo: (よしつ!元気三倍)= Yosh! Three times the energy

Apologies for the mistake.

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9 Responses to Tamayura ~hitotose~ – 12 END

  1. Cloah says:

    Thank you so much for your work on Tamayura Hititose this season!

    Question – will there be a batch release for this?

  2. webo says:

    Thanks to all except a certain someone.

  3. Shaetano says:

    Thanx a lot, love this show!

  4. Beckett says:

    A lovely ending to the feel good show of the season. Thanks to the Oyatsu team for subbing this one!

    Fingers crossed for an S2.

  5. misato20 says:

    I forgot to congratulate them [Lol] Thank you for the last chapter…The end not me so emotional found, but the character of Maons I love ^ ^
    Here is the links of the chapter in Spanish than translate…Thank you ^ ^

  6. Sum_of_Thunder says:

    Did you think you were done?

    –“Tamayura TV’s Last BD/DVD to Add Unaired Episode ‘5.5’
    New episode to continue episode 5’s storyline when Fu’s friend comes to visit” (just announced)

    Can we count on you (hopefully, please)?

    Thanks for everything this season. It was an enriching experience. I enjoyed growing up as the young girl God never intended for me to be…

    And based on last week, I now know the answer to that most deadly game, “There’s something wrong and you’ve got to figure out what it is cause I won’t tell you.” The answer is I don’t have to figure out what’s wrong, I just have to notice that something is and be supportive until she wants to tell me. We guys like to be problem solvers, so it’s a dandy of a trap. Score One for the females.

    • sm2345 says:

      Of course we know about the extra episode. 🙂

      And yes, if we’re alive by that time (chances are high of being so), then we’ll do the OVA for sure.

      And er, I don’t understand the last paragraph, lol… Is it imagination being in overdrive? 😀

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