I surprised even myself when I actually finished an anime after so long… Actually, not that long, the last was Parasyte maybe a year ago or so.

I managed to finish Arslan Senki, so go watch it if you think you still want to give anime a chance. The show is about a boy’s quest to become King alongside his trusted aides, and to take back his kingdom. If you like tsundere girls who cross dresses as boys, there is Etoile in the show and I have taken quite a liking to her despite her being a classic tsundere. Other than that, the anime is pretty serious and talks about relevant themes such as the fact that there are no right or wrong in war. It is mostly started due to difference in ideologies, beliefs and even religion. It is sad, but with humanity, there will be war. History has shown that it will never go away unless there is a greater evil which could unite humanity. Otherwise, our insecurities breed suspicion and discontent among even our fellow mankind.

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