Summer 2014 Plan

Hey there, everyone.

Just wanted to let you know what we’ll be doing for Summer.

glasslipThat’s right, Glasslip!

This is a PA Works original anime about 6 high-school students’ summer spent together. We’re hoping it will be a good show with slice-of-life and supernatural things.

We’re happy to announce that we’ll be jointing with our friends at Evetaku for this! Please go and say hi to them too!

We’ll be going a little slow on this one, though. Expect a 48-60h release, sometime on Saturday.

Thanks for your continued support and encouragement, and hope to see you in Glasslip as well!

Here’s the summary of Glasslip from the official site:

The daughter of a glass artisan family, Fujinami Touko, spends relaxed days at a cafe called “Kazemichi” at a friend’s house. On the summer vacation of her third year in high school. in front of them appeared a transfer student boy: Okikura Kakeru. He spoke out to Touko that he can hear the voices of the future. If someone knew in advance what their future would look like, what would they wish for? While feeling/remembering never before felt tremors  in herself, Touko realises that she has started getting a feeling in her heart which she can’t leave alone…

Also, a sincere request to everyone: Please enjoy the ride while you can.

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13 Responses to Summer 2014 Plan

  1. ADDE says:

    Yeah, because EveTaku are slow… they release NGNL a week after airing, other Groups do so in a day or so… They also stalled alot of last episodes from the winter and fall 2013 seasons…

    Glassip seems intresting, not my kind tough.

    • Silvia says:

      > They also stalled alot of last episodes

      Oyatsu is also stalling a lot here with Seikoku no Dragonar. Birds of a feather flock together XD

      @sm12345 (what a creative name), how about finishing Seikoku no Dragonar before picking up new stuff? Just an idea…
      Besides, picking up a series like this which is going to be massively oversubbed isn’t quite the best plan. Just saying. (Besides that, it looks pretty boring to me.)

    • sm2345 says:

      NGNL has lots of Typesetting. That might be one of the reasons.

      Besides, we’ll see about Glasslip. 🙂

    • Bushman Lambada says:

      Why do you care if groups are “slow”? Do you plan on dying soon?

      • ADDE says:

        It was my general experience. They were good in the beginning with vividred operation, but slow with Nagi no asukara, so I switched over to Underwater for that one… EveTaku still haven´t finnish Nagi what I know… and they are slow with NGNL compared with both Underwater and DameDesuYo, who release them almost in the same time if Everything goes seemlessly.

        • Bushman Lambada says:

          Send an angry letter of complaint to the fansub overseer. Tell said overseer that groups aren’t sticking to the fansubbing schedule. You’re entitled to get your releases when it’s most convenient for you, after all.

  2. Editor-san (Obviously Fake) says:

    This will be oversubbed like most PA Works anime.

    • sm2345 says:

      Nothing we can do about that, sorry. There were several staff constraints that needed to be resolved, else we would’ve needed to sit it out.

  3. Kira says:

    Guys, Please do Vanquished Queens 03 !! i really wnat to see this one

  4. twinkle says:

    I don’t know why I’m responding to this, but…

    Nagi was Nyanko (Nyantaku + Kaylith) with delays by Neibs like always until she lost interest, whereupon Kaylith eventually finished the show by rotating all kinds of staff on it.

    NGNL was Eveyuu (EveTaku + Hiryuu) with pretty much all the staff being Hiryuu. It uses the BS11 broadcast that’s a few days after the original airing, and potential TS help pretty much never happened so HyakuPercent ended up almost singlehandedly backup TSing the entire show. Well, there are some other causes of delays too.

    Surprise: pretty much every group still doing original translations and/or heavier typesetting gets behind sometimes.

    Anyway, it’s kind of moot as none of the people involved in the above and none of those responsible for repeat EveTaku delays are going to be working on Glasslip.

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