Suki-tte Ii na yo – 01


Ladies and gentlemen, we present you our show for the Fall: Suki-tte ii na yo, which translates to “Say that you love me.”

Basically, it’s a shoujo manga adaptation about a girl who’s never had a boyfriend for the past sixteen years, before it’s changed by some events.

I really like the manga, and everyone of us wanted to do it very much. So here you go.

We should be able to release faster next week as well, say by Tuesday evening UTC or earlier.

This release comes with two tracks: with KFX and without KFX. Please switch to Track 2 (without KFX)  if you face problems playing track 1. We recommend that you play it back using xy-VSFilter first, though.

Quite a few changes to our staff lineup for this. First of all, a welcome to fomite, who’ll be the translator for the series and is returning to fansub after taking a break, and DanielBryan, the editor for this series. And also, Keyied will be a guest TLC for this, since she absolutely loves the manga. And Timescar makes his debut here, having typeset for quite a few others group past and present, with good ol’ Assasin_Cross and black_demon backing him up. And there’s Akaelda and yours sincerely for QCing, yours sincerely and Crust for timing (he’ll take over from next week), and obviously Majin3 for his awesome encoding.Lastly, there’s someone for helping us out with the transport streams, thanks to you too.

Wow, that was quite a long introduction… Anyway, unto the main dish:

[Oyatsu] Suki-tte Ii na yo – 01v2 (1280×720 10bit h264 AAC) [02922199].mkv

Torrent || XDCC

Enjoy the snack, as always~ Comments, feedback, suggestions etc are welcome.

Assasin_Cross Edit: For anyone seeing ED Font as Arial please leave comment here.

NOTE: We missed a very important sign at 09:52. It says “You kicked an innocent person! You’re the worst! Go apologize! Idiot!!” We’ll fix this up in the batch, since not much point in doing a v2 now… 

Actually no, that sign is the most important one so far. Also, some issues in our first half as well, alongwith ED font problem. So v2 under way.

Note: v2 Up

Patch: v2 Patch

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23 Responses to Suki-tte Ii na yo – 01

  1. Daniel says:

    Anything else you doing?

  2. Matt says:

    i’ve been a big fan of oyatsu since i finished watching haganai… the overall quality was breath taking… you guys did an awesome job there and i just have a question about this project?

    in you haganai releases, the signs are perfectly blending jpn/eng as if it was originally there, but in this release i noticed that for example the cellphone signs, contain only english text, has oyatsu changed its policy about this kind of signs?
    will oyatsu completely wipe out the jpn on this kind of signs from now on? and only retain the eng text?

    or will you guys keep doing bleded signs like in haganai? i just want to be clear in that regard.


    • Assasin_Cross says:

      Haganai is hardsubbed, while our other release is softsubbed

      Also sometime I use box to cover the sign so it has enough space to put the Sign translation

      • Matt says:

        ok… that clears it up for me… but if i may…
        i have another question…
        what is the policy about Typesetting then?
        i mean i am just a leecher so my opinion doesn’t matter but after watching haganai that is pretty much the expectation i have from oyatsu, almost perfect signs, nice karas, more like if i had to describe it in a word, i’d call it archive material, i am new in your fanbase that is why i am bothering you with this questions…
        i am only downloading mashiro iro symphony so i can watch it also.

        • Assasin_Cross says:

          “Typesetting involves the presentation of textual material in graphic form on paper or some other medium.” In a subtitling context, this means three things:

          – Presenting (a translation of) the spoken dialogue to the viewer in an easily readable and visually pleasing form.
          – Translating any foreign-language background texts (such as episode titles, scene information like time/place and other plot-important writings on things in the background) and presenting the translation to the viewer, preferably so that it appears that the translation was there all along (yet retaining readability).
          – Designing other texts (logotypes, karaoke, etc. etc.) that should be displayed on the video.

  3. poster says:

    Wow. This looks sublime. Thanks for picking this series up.

  4. tandem says:

    No point doing a v2? Do you realize the show revolves around that one sign? I think Oyatsu is a bunch of jokers.

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  6. vipervoid123 says:

    Thx for the sub ~
    V2 patch link thx ~

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