11 Responses to Status Update 16th March

  1. tc says:

    Nice to see the project hasn’t been dropped. Looking forward to it.

  2. Kayllin says:

    Sup guys, I have managed to find some free time for fansubbing and was wondering if you guys needed some help. I can time stuff, I am okish at typesetting (need practice), I can encode and upload if need be (have unlimited net) hit me up if you’re interested in having another person join your team, It seems you guys are in need of help and I am offering to help you.

    I will be idling in your Rizon as Kaelyn, try contact me there.

  3. Kayllin says:

    Sorry correction, name is Kayllin on IIRC.

  4. Tanoshii says:

    Wait, so you’ve only TL’d 17mins of a single ep in 3 months? With the annoucement of a second season in fall, you guys are never going to finish this show. Got to be a record for how slow something is subbeded.

  5. Zyph says:

    Are the XDCC bots still working? Can’t seem to DL any of your releases there.

  6. shakama says:

    Any news about LogH?

    • ZeroYuki says:

      Logh is the acronym for a classic space opera anime called Legend of the Galactic Heroes. I take it that you are not referring to that but rather Log Horizon.
      If it’s Log Horizon, I don’t think it’s apt for me to comment because personally, I feel you should look for alternatives instead of us. But I think you have probably already done so.

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