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Ok guys, some stuff happened and thanks to that, I am unable to work on stuff for a while.

This has resulted in certain setbacks due to the timer/KTimer/QC/Project Leader being unable to work on stuff. So, in this post, I’ll clarify the status of the things:

General: Assasin_Cross will be temporarily managing things in my absence. Please wish him luck.

Da Capo III: Ktiming and typesetting is in progress for episode 12. The episodes will be a bit delayed, but we’ll try to get them out ASAP, hopefully by the next episode airs. Please bear with us for this.

Ginga e Kickoff!!: I really wanted to finish this one, but oh well. Nevertheless, Maceart and Assasin_Cross will be QCing  to bring you an ep or two by this week. Hopefully we can wrap this up soon. Once again, please bear with us.

And lastly, heartfelt thanks from us to all our fans out there. Without you all, we’d have lost half our reason to fansub.

And my apologies to all the hardworking staff on both the series. Sorry guys I had to disappear so suddenly. But yeah, I should be back in a month or so.

Once again, thanks for following us, and stay tuned for more releases!

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8 Responses to Status Stuff

  1. BlaZin says:

    Assasin_Cross please keep up the good work, you can do it. There is no reason for sm2345 to come back becauce he really sucks. Sorry but its the truth and i know more of you think so, too.

  2. Logic Dancer says:

    Da Capo III only until ep 12 right ?

  3. K-NIQ says:

    It’s ok. Take your time for DC III ep12.

  4. Stöt says:

    So, Ginga 37 and maybe 38 within two weeks and 39..when? when you return? 🙁 Better call for your friendly neighbourhood the Reika sub team!

    On a different note, good luck sm2345 with whatever you’re going to do, return with haste!


  5. derp says:

    as long as you deliver the last episodes of da capo III in a month youll make me happy 🙂

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