Shirokuma Bell Stars OP

And hello there, everyone~ Here’s a surprise release for you, and a Christmas Present from Oyatsu Fansubs. 🙂

This is the Opening Song of Shirokuma Bell Stars, a Christmas-themed VN. Summary (Taken from vndb):

When Touma was a kid, he met a Santa Claus…

He is now a full-fledged reindeer and works with Nanami, a Santa Claus. But Nanami is always easygoing…

They now visit Shirokuma Town, where something mysterious often happens. Driving for fairy tale…

This is a story of happiness…

The song is sung by Chata, the same person who sang Dango Daikazoku(Clannad)~

I started playing the VN a while back, and though I haven’t progressed much into it, it’s very warm and fuzzy, and highly recommended. You can check it out at vndb and the official site (in Japanese), and buy it if you can. And TakaJun, the translator of many VNs including Wanko to Kurasou, one of my all-time favourites, has written a nice non-spoiler review here, which is what made me acquainted with the VN. You should go check it out too.

Special thanks to ZeroYuki for translating the song, Virus123 for making a nice encode, Shana-is-my-waifu for checking my TS, and last but not the least, Yours Sincerely for Timing/K-Timing/TS/QC.

[Oyatsu] Shirokuma Bell Stars OP (960×540 60fps AAC) [8E8CC07A].mkv

Torrent || DDL

That being said, Merry Christmas to everyone. If things didn’t go for you as you expected, do cheer up and try again. And I hope you’ll enjoy this song as much as I did. 🙂


1. Before anyone asks, no, we are not going to translate the VN to English.

2. The typesetting is hardsubbed in the OP, and song+kara is softsubbed. This is because the video runs at 60 fps (frames per second), and demands more CPU Resources.

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4 Responses to Shirokuma Bell Stars OP

  1. qaz says:

    More CPU than what? It’s 1.6 times less pixels per second than standard 1920x1080x24 and not even hi10p.
    On the other hand, 60 fps is wonderful motion – too bad anime nowadays rarely has even 30 fps.

    • sm2345 says:

      Than your average 480p running at 23.976 fps?

      Only the typesetting, without the song and kara lagged on my i3. And just because some people can play 1080p 10 bit(my laptop), doesn’t mean that everyone can play it(my desktop).

      • qaz says:

        For the sake of experiment, I’ve just crippled my i7-930 to the max I could: 1.6GHz, 1 core, no HT, etc. And it played just fine with 60% average CPU load, plain software ffdshow decoders. I can’t believe that i3 or anything not ancient (and not Atom) is slower than that.

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