Seikoku no Dragonar – 11

[Oyatsu] Seikoku no Dragonar - 11 (1280x720 10bit h264 AAC) [5B254D4A].mkv_snapshot_05.49_[2014.07.27_18.41.05]I believe this ep is all about hurting this girl in ways more than one.

[Oyatsu] Seikoku no Dragonar – 11 (1280×720 10bit h264 AAC) [5B254D4A].mkv

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Well, chugging along bit by bit to the finish line, I guess.

Also, episode 12 should come sometime in mid-August due to some reasons. Sorry.

Anyway, enjoy the snack~

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8 Responses to Seikoku no Dragonar – 11

  1. Chizuru says:

    Honto ni arigatou gozaimashita!
    Waited a long time for this *-*
    And I’ll wait for episode 12 as well 😉

    Thanks, really =)

  2. VSxERLolitaku428 says:

    YaaY, thank you, been waitin’ for this… ^w^
    …now, on to wait for the last one… XD

  3. Ichigo Pantsu says:

    Thank you for this. I was hoping you would finish the series.

    Will happily wait for EP12, Thanks again.

  4. Khârn says:

    Mid-August… or mid-September? Hopefully not mid-October, or mid-2015.

  5. Ichigo Pantsu says:

    I understand you need people with specific skill sets, if and when you find these people do you currently plan on finishing this series?

    • sm2345 says:

      Of course. Just that the TLC and editor are busy with RL (and they are different from the folks who work on Glasslip), so…

      It’s been TLed and all, just waiting these two steps. I know it’s frustrating, but please bear with us a bit. >_<

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