Robomasters – 02 and We’re Continuing

Left: Expectation, Right: Reality.

[Oyatsu] Robomasters The Animated Series – 02 (1280×720 10bit h264 AAC) [BD0A5AD1].mkv

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Hello everyone, sm2345 here. Hope you’re doing well.

So for this project, we had almost dropped it as mentioned in the previous post by ZeroYuki, but when the other group emailed us saying they were unable to continue due to lack of translators, we sat down again and decided to continue. So here you go, episode 2!!

We have some exciting Need for Speeed action and some challenges to be overcome in this episode. How will the relationships between the characters play out?

That being said, all of us are well… busy with our real lives and therefore we might need a little bit of time (not as much as Luck & Logic, rest assured) to get the eps out. But yes, we’ll finish this.

Enjoy the snack!


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11 Responses to Robomasters – 02 and We’re Continuing

  1. Leviathan13 says:

    Big thanks!

  2. Billy Bob Robert says:

    Finally, one of the best anime this season and no eng subs, was like wtf…

    Anyway, seriously guys, thanks for this! Been so excited for this anime, can’t wait!

  3. tater says:

    Will it always be a month between releases?

  4. Yhnz Verstappen says:

    Hi, when will be the next episodes be released? Thank you guys!

  5. Paulo Araújo says:

    Thanks for doing that. I’m brazilian and I had to look for it on english fansubs cause I there’s no fansubs here “subbing” it, then i was surprised when i found only 2 episodes on every english site i found, then i saw on Myanimelist that Oyatsu had pick up it and became sad knowing that you guys stopped and then happy again now knowing you will do it again. I’m really thanks to you guys

  6. Joshua10red says:

    WOW nice guys..Many Thanks

  7. Billy Bob Robertyy says:

    Any news of Ep 3? Also thanks for not dropping this series.

  8. Norogor says:

    Robomasters – 02 and We’re waiting !
    Take as much time as you want to finish this, but at last you should update your “Project Status” Information

    For example, RoboMasters 2 is already out and not @QC !
    Episode 3 is @TL for over a month.
    Like I said before, take as much time as you want to finish this, but it would be nice if you could inform us about the Status of Episode 4 to 6

  9. Saito Masaki says:

    Thanks, I’m really looking forward for the rest of this series, as i enjoyed the first episode of Robomasters i watched! Also thanks, for all your hard work and all the time you have to take away from your own lives to do all this!

  10. Norogor says:

    After 1 WEEK (!) my comment is still awaiting moderation !

    I don’t think that we will see the last 4 Episodes in then near (or far) Future

  11. Leviathan13 says:

    Any news about the rest of the episodes?

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