Regarding White Album 2

Update (18/11/13):

Translation for 06 and 07 are done and 06 is delayed due to typesetting, which has been a persistent problem ever since the group has been founded. Since nobody is interested in helping us with typesetting, and I don’t want future episodes to be delayed because of typesetting, I’m pushing for us to drop the show. I personally feel we don’t have the capacity to continue. Our founder lacks some common sense and doesn’t really know how to keep his promises, so I feel I should declare that we are dropping this. But as much as I would love to say that, he remains the founder and only his word would mean we will drop the show. To people who are really waiting for us, which is highly improbable, I urge you to follow UTW. I guess we all know they are superior in almost everything they put out. So with them around, there isn’t any reason for me to fansub anymore. In any case, 07 is an important episode and the turning point. You should go and watch it ASAP. For those who aren’t watching it already, YOU ARE MISSING OUT ON A LOT!

Kaylith has put up a post on the dropping of the joint, and I am tasked with doing the same here to offer some accountability to those who follow our subs.

I shall not point fingers on who is to be blamed for the failure of the joint. But like all joints, there are certain degrees of difficulties because different groups will have different interests. To be fair, we did our very best to make the joint work out by offering the bulk of the joint as well as conforming to release conventions of the opposite group. This is to the extent that we have eroded somewhat on our own principles.

Moving on, the situation is pretty chaotic now. We are tentatively continuing with White Album 2. However, we will be lacking in staff since the reason why the joint was proposed is to make up for our shortfall. Therefore, we cannot guarantee if the project will work out.

I am not sure who actually follows us these days, but our founding principle is to enjoy what we do and simply that. This has not changed, even if we all know that fansubbing modern anime has become irrelevant.

We are aware that 04 and 05 have some issues. We regret to inform there will not be a v2 for those as we are shorthanded at the moment. We hope to focus our attention on the rest of the show.

Lastly, putting aside all the drama, the anime is always the highlight and not the group. So for those of you who have not discovered the brilliance of White Album 2, please do give it a try. You do not need to have watched White Album 1 to watch White Album 2. This cannot be emphasized enough. Those who disliked the original should give it a chance as this is done by Satelight as opposed to Seven Arcs who did the original. I personally really like the way Satelight handles the pacing of the drama up till now. The character art by Satelight is simply breathtaking. I have faith it will be well done given it has a good director working on it and the material from the VN has depth. Go play the VN if you have not done so too!

Until then, we will continue to provide updates on this page on any developments. To those who are faithfully following us, I give you my utmost gratitude and we hope to continue providing anime we love as snacks.

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5 Responses to Regarding White Album 2

  1. LolPass says:

    =_=” i dunno what to say, it can’t be helped… all the good things never lasts anyway. well i hope you guys will continue working on Log Horizon and i’ll be rooting for you guys ^3^b

  2. Virus123 says:

    We need some booze and hookers up in this joint.

  3. phil says:

    At least folks still have utw.

  4. H_B says:

    Hmm, i’ve been wondering. What do you mean by “Not, I guess.” in Log Horizon status?

    • sm2345 says:

      “Not, I guess” as in, “not immediately”. Work on it will resume after 6th December due to my ongoing semester exams, I’m afraid.

      PS. Please refrain from asking about one project in the post of another one in future. Thank you.

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