Regarding NyaaTorrents

Never thought I would get to see or even say this, but Nyaa is down and most likely gone for good. I am unsure why they did not bother looking for another domain, but I guess what we can all learn from this is the same as you would in any investment strategy: never park all your goods in one basket. If something happens, you can still rely on other baskets. This is called diversification, and turning anime piracy into a monopoly only makes it easier for the authorities to get rid of the root and with it goes everything. Fortunately, Oyatsu has members who were wise enough to foresee this happening, therefore we have Minglong as our primary tracker aside from Nyaa. Till this day, Minglong has never gone down ever, at least not that I have known. Aside from having zero seeds, you could still grab our releases on Minglong, not that I am implying anybody still watches our releases or even know we exist. Alternatively, there are still a few torrent index libraries such as Animetosho and Tokyo Toshokan, the latter, still going strong after so many years.

In any case, even if torrents are dead (due to excessive reliance on Nyaa), the IRC community is strong and will continue to be strong because it is tougher to eliminate releases through the IRC unlike through bittorrent. The IRC community was the old way of getting releases and sort of forces fans to interact with the fansubbers while downloading releases. It does not require seeds unlike torrents, so getting old releases should not be a problem so long as the XDCC bot still hosts the releases. Additionally, it also allows fans to gather at one channel and interact, talking about the anime they like. This community spirit is noticeably on the decline due to the convenience of torrent. Perhaps, without Nyaa, this would encourage more fans to return to the traditional IRC XDCC mode of downloads. But I would be naive to think that because torrents are still well and alive, even if Nyaa is not. Pretty soon, an alternative will come up, and everything will be back to normal.

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  1. Lann094 says:

    Groups are starting to make the switch to Animetosho, more and more as the return of nyaa becomes more unlikely. I don’t see any sort of major shift back to IRC occurring, since release posts and torrent sites do still exist. Nyaa being taken down may even be good for fansubbing, given how toxic its community had become, especially through the way its moderators treated releases.

  2. Zyph says:

    Good to see you guys still alive and kicking! 😀

    • Lann094 says:

      ZY never comes on IRC anymore though. >: By rest assured, we are working on releases and hope to become more active again soon. We even had a meetup that sm needs to agree to posting about!

  3. Zurenriri says:

    Still here and still waiting for your next release~

    Also, I think more people would get on IRC if it was more well known. When Mibbit appeared on the scene, there was a little more traffic to IRC channels.

  4. DS2 says:

    There’s or nyaa pantsu now.

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