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Hello, hope everyone has been doing well.

This to let everyone know that we’re looking for an encoder, a Typesetter and a TLC (Translation Checker)  to join us. Please read on if you’re interested.

Requirements common to all three:

1. You must be able to set aside a fixed time frame(say, a few hours) every week when the script will be at you. In other words, you must be consistent.
2. You must not possess a know-it-all attitude. Even if you’re skillful, we won’t accept you if you fail to satisfy this.

Requirements for Encoder:

You must be willing to work with Transport Streams (ts) every week, and know IVTC and basic filtering.

Requirements for TLC:

Your Japanese must be strong enough to understand the finer nuances of the Japanese language, along with an excellent grip on the language to find any possible translation mistakes. Also, keep in mind that you won’t have Closed Captions (CCs) to work with most of the time, so it’s preferable to have good listening skills.

EDIT2: A warm welcome to Shoujo_Q, our new TLC.

Requirements for Typesetter:

You don’t need to use AFX (Adobe After Effects), but must know how to typeset well in Aegisub.

Please note that you’ll be tested for any position you apply for.

Those who’re interested, please shoot us an email at and/or PM sm2345 on

In any case, we look forward to welcoming you to our small family. ^_^


1. Any comments on this post about release status of any show will be deleted without discrimination. Please comment about them in the relevant post. Thanks a lot.

2. Those who are saying that our video quality is not that bad, I can only assume that they haven’t watched any of our Tamayura releases.

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13 Responses to Recruitment Post

  1. >sm2345 made a post

  2. Ichigo says:

    !?!? I haven’t noticed anything wrong with the video quality at all !!! I don’t know why people would complain about it. :O Oh well though if you can make it look even better than gogogo for it ! (:

  3. Anononono says:

    Video quality didn’t look all that bad to me but, .ts are almost always better than raws .

  4. haha says:

    > Encoder
    > You must not possess a know-it-all attitude.
    That’s like looking for an honest politician.

  5. Amaranthea says:

    >New typesetter for Oyatsu
    >Oyatsu’s typesetting is top-of-the-line

    Those are some pretty big shoes to fill.

  6. Kurosakii says:

    Humble my azz your group was acting like some bitches on that Mashiro 11 post that’s why its deleted ne?~

  7. I’d love to help out, but I’m not good at any of the roles listed above.

    Maybe I’ll apply for TLC in a year or two, once my Japanese is good enough.

  8. Sheik says:

    Hi, I would like to join as encoder. I have experience and know about filtering.

  9. Mdai says:

    Hey Oyatsu Fansubs
    if ypu need a timer it will be my pleasure to help ..

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