Recruiting TL/TLC

This is to announce that we’re looking for a Translation Translator / Translation Checker (TLC) to join us.

Requirements for Translator:

  • Must be well-versed in Japanese.
  • Must have atleast decent English skills.
  • Must be available to consistently translate weekly series.
  • You can translate from Chinese to English as well, however, Japanese to English is preferred.
  • [23:33] <&Virus123> must not be a weeaboo

Requirements for TLC:

    • MUST be fluent in Japanese.
    • Must be well aware of the nuances and finer points of both Japanese and English.


  • [23:33] <&Virus123> must not be a weeaboo



Note that we need a TLC more than a translator, but both are welcome to apply.

Please shoot an email to stating the following:

  • Your timezone
  • Your irc handle (if any)
  • Your availability every week
  • Amount of fansubbing experience (no problem even if it’s zero). If you have prior experience, please give some examples of your past projects.
  • Your fluency in Japanese (C to E TLs, please give some information on your Japanese knowledge too).

Looking forward to welcoming you to our family~

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5 Responses to Recruiting TL/TLC

  1. daniel says:

    If you want, can I help you with the timing?

  2. techguru says:

    you guys do really good work…not this shit localized crap that groups like commie do…
    would you consider joining up with hiryuu or shini subs for a show….plus to finish older shows?

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