Recruiting a Timer

Hey there, guys. We’re looking for a timer to help us out with our releases.

Ever since I’ve started working since last month, my schedule has been a lot more constrained than ever before. Also, I am the only timer remaining in our group.

So we are looking for a timer to help us out with our releases (repeated sentences hell yeah).

No experience is required. All you need is:

1. Some diligence, since timing can seem a bit repetitive and can take time (Insert time to time pun here) initially. My first full ep took me about 4 hours. And now it’s ~40 mins.

2. A little bit of good manners. Even if you’re skillful, if you’re a jerk, please don’t apply.

I shall be training you myself, so I’d hope you’ll apply reciprocating that. Experienced people are welcome to apply as well, though I’d request they adjust their timing values a bit in accordance to the ones we follow.

Also, I discourage the use of the Timing Post Processor aka TPP.

So, if you sincerely want to help us out, please check out this guide for timing (there are other ones around too, but this is my preferred way of timing):

Doki Timing Guide.

If you feel you can try and help us out, please do either of the following:

1. Drop us an email to, stating your timezone and experience and why you want to apply.

2. Contact me, sm2345, directly on IRC in #Oyatsu channel on the Rizon network (

We look forward to you joining our family!

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6 Responses to Recruiting a Timer

  1. xikarra says:

    Have you found somebody yet?

    • sm2345 says:

      Applicants so far: Zero.

      It’s one of the perks of being not too small nor too big.

      • xikarra says:

        Okay. My holidays aren’t over yet, I won’t apply until I see my schedule and I’m sure I’ve enough free time for that.
        If so, I should drop an email by october at the latest.

        No promises though. I’ve yet to read that Doki guide too.

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