Project Announcement: Toshokan Sensou Movie & A Request


Hello, everyone. This post is for two things:

  • We’re announcing that we’re currently working on Toshokan Sensou: Kakumei no Tsubasa (Library War: Wings of Revolution) movie.
  • We’ll be using the official subs that came with the Bluray, TLCed, Edited, and QCed for your viewing pleasure.
  • Due to the massive amounts of intense typesetting, we’ll be using AFX (Adobe After Effects) for the Typesetting. That means hardsubbed awesome typesetting done by experts in the field.
  • The project will take some time, since we plan on giving you nothing but the best for it.
  • You can keep track of the progress in the right widget, as always.
  • As of 9th Feb, 2013, it has been TLCed already, and is in editing phase right now.

Now for the request:

  • We do not possess any BDMV or BDISO for this yet, so if anyone has it and is willing to share, we’ll be more than grateful. Please contact sm2345 over IRC or email at if you can and are willing to provide us the BDMV. Rest assured, we’ll do everything we can to ensure it’s released in the best quality.

As a few of you have pointed out, the BDMV has turned up~ So we can now work on it properly.

Now, all I’ll request of you is a bit of patience. Schedules are a bit tight for all of us right now. However, it should improve soon. We’ll keep you updated to the best extent possible.

Thank you very much for your time, and stay tuned for more releases. ๐Ÿ™‚

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45 Responses to Project Announcement: Toshokan Sensou Movie & A Request

  1. blossom says:

    I can’t believe that you’re working on this movie :’)
    Toshokan Sensou is a great anime so I am really happy about this…
    thank you very much, guys. I really appreciate your efforts ^___^

  2. elianthos says:

    I have fond memories of the TS series and the (fan)translated novels are pretty good too.
    You have good taste :,). Thank you for this upcoming treat.

  3. merry says:

    do you need a bdmv specifically? or just a high quality movie file? I have a raw 1080P BDrip mkv of the movie but I have never heard of a bdmv so I don’t know if it’s at all the same thing/I don’t know if that’s any good to you!

    • sm2345 says:

      Well, a BDMV or BDISO is the Bluray disc itself in digital format, pretty much like what you do when you take a backup of a disc using Daemon Tools and save it as a .iso. Usually it’s around 25 or 50 GB in size. And that’d be best for us to work with.

      We already have a 1080p mkv Raw, but we’re looking for the BDMV/BDISO.

      Thanks a lot for your time, though. ^^

  4. Hahi~! says:

    I love Toshokan Sensou, it’s one of my favorites and I’m definitely looking forward to the movie. Thank you so very much for working on this, I appreciate it! ^_^

  5. RockLeeVk says:

    Did a little research on Google, and found this:

    Sorry if I posted a link from outside of your website, hope this can help a little.


    • sm2345 says:

      Yup that’s what we’re looking for. Though we’re grabbing it from ADC, but still, thanks for looking it up for us. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. shiny says:

    Thanks so much for taking on this project. I was desperate I just watched whatever raw I could find.
    But to see this with quality subs – this title needs such attention!

    I know that it needs to be watched in 1080p to experience its full glory, but any chance you can provide a smaller encode at 720P, or at least one less than 1GB? I don’t think my net can handle downloading such large files if the file is greater than a gb or so.

    Now to stalk the status bar ๐Ÿ˜€

    • sm2345 says:

      Well, we do have plans to release both 1080p and 720p versions.

      While I cannot gurantee that the 720p will be under 1 GB, we’ll use AAC audio for it, and try to make it smallest size possible without bloating it. Obviously, we will not compromise details for filesize. ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. masachi says:

    Could you release the .srt/ass file of the english subtitles (the softsub)? I’ve DLed the raw video but no sub yet so it’d be really appreciated if you could! thanks~

    • sm2345 says:

      Well, the official subs that came with the Bluray are out there, so you can just search for it. ๐Ÿ™‚

      As for the modified official subs we’ll be using, they aren’t ready yet… So might want to wait for the release for that~

  8. GinoTH says:

    It’s kinda embarrassing but… I never heard about this anime… not even once!
    Not gonna ask if is a good one (’cause reading all previous post I think it is), but it buggles me a lot not knowing it.

    I’m start lookin’ for it… and wait for the arrival of the movie… and of course, the last 3 caps of Ginga e kickoff.

    thks for all.

  9. animakaT says:

    first, thank you for working on such a great movie, I’ve heard of it several times and I’m looking forward to it ๐Ÿ™‚
    but, umm, I don’t think it would be appropriate to use the poster of another sub group here…. so yea….

  10. Ell says:

    GREAT GUYS!!!!!
    just reached the volume in japan and was sad but…!

    P.s: i dindยดt see the anime was i was hoping to finish the manga first but, does the movie contain spoilers?

  11. Ell says:

    GUYS YOU ARE AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!
    Great thing you guys have in hand, good luck with this project!!!!

    P.s this film contains spoiler? as i didnยดt see the anime because i follow the manga…..

    • elianthos says:

      The movie basically covers the event of the 4th and final volume of the novels, while the TV series + Komaki-centric special covered volumes 1-3. Hope it helps ^^.

  12. Ell says:

    Sorry, got it duplicated without knowing it ( >w<)'''

  13. toma says:

    Any kind of status update for this movie? Its been gone from the Status Update widget for some weeks now.

    • sm2345 says:

      It’s at edit and encode right now. Will take a few more months, I’m afraid. ๐Ÿ™

      • toma says:

        Woah seriously like more than atleast 2 months months? I don’t think i can wait that long. I’ll just get/rewatch yours later then lol. Tnx for the status update ๐Ÿ™‚

        • sm2345 says:

          Your choice~ Well, we’d like to do a complete and a bit slow job than a:

          1. Fast and half-hearted job that wont do the show justice.
          2. Fast and full job that’ll most likely leave in issues and burn us out simultaneously.

          Thanks anyway. ๐Ÿ™‚

          • toma says:

            So any news on the movie? Thought I’d ask again since its been almost 4 months now ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Gin says:

        Update please :=}

  14. arashi says:

    Da Capo III -13 not yet? ๐Ÿ™

  15. Sammy says:

    Any update on when you intend to continue with Kokoro connect? or are you dropping the project?

  16. DeliciousFlatChest_OTAKU says:

    When you finish Kokoro Connect, are you going to also sub the last 4 episodes (Michi Random)? If so, I will definitely get your release instead of going with rori’s. I really like your fansubs over their UTW/Daiz-influenced rubbish, but otherwise they’ll be the only option for watching the last four episodes.

    • Assasin_Cross says:

      though this is wrong place to ask, but I will answer you.

      Yes, we will do it.

      • DeliciousFlatChest_OTAKU says:

        Thanks so much for the response–i was going over my list of fansubber groups to check up on you again, and I happened upon this comment. I’m sorry that it was the wrong place to ask. Once again, thanks for all your hard work!

  17. wat says:

    I heard this group was terrible :3

  18. FlameHaze says:

    Any more updates for this movie?

  19. Ajastor says:

    Any updates in the movie?
    Itยดs been a long time now ^^

  20. Ajastor says:

    Itยดs been a really long time now, is this release dropped or not? Would be nice to know


    • sm2345 says:

      It’s not dropped, rest assured. Work on it has resumed since January again. We’ll be very likely jointing with AniYoshi for this, just like Haganai.

      It’ll take some more time, but please bear with us. ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. Ajastor says:

    Holy shit yes !!!
    I donยดt mind waiting, just wanted to make sure that this is still in the pipeline.
    Thanks for the answer and keep up the good work ^^

  22. Reverb_Shock says:

    It’s been two months, I figure I’ll just drop by and ask if you guys are still working on this and how far along you are with it. I really wanna watch it subbed!

    • zeroyuki says:

      I TLCed that almost 2 years ago, iirc. I have given up hope, so should you too. There’s also a live-action movie which I had planned to do. But similarly, I have given up hope.

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