Project Announcement – Sister Princess DVD Re-Release

SisPriBefore I start saying anything, some history. Sister Princess (2001) was one of the first anime I watched, about 5 years ago. I think it was right after Digimon S1, Cardcaptor Sakura and .hack//DUSK. I still remember finishing the episodes in a week and loved it.

But guess what, I watched the Ishin TV releases, which are 512×384 with horrible green tints in episode 3, which looked so bad on my 8 years-old CRT monitor. I still remember spending days trying to “fix” it using various “Video Converters” (HandBrake, SUPER, the list goes on). Needless to say, I wasn’t knowledgeable back then about filtering at all.

When I started fansubbing almost 4 years ago, one of my primary motivations and reasons was to bring a proper release for it. I had already seen Exiled-Destiny’s R1 DVD release and the loss of all the Onii-chans(Onii-chan –> Big Brother, Nii-sama –> Brother Dearest I believe, and so on) horrified me.

And now, at long last the R2 DVDs have arrived and I have ripped them successfully. While I’m still missing the Sister Princess ~The Eve~ DVD, which is basically a recap of all the episodes of Season 1, these should be enough to work with for now. If you happen to have the R2 Japanese DVD for it and are willing to share, please email me at or PM me on Thank you.

Anyway, this series is about our young protagonist, Wataru, who suddenly discovers he has not one, not two, but 12(13?) younger sisters! And so his new life with all his sisters begins. This anime also takes a subtle prod or poke at the heartless and busy schedule the modern world tends to follow, often missing many little things in life.

Do note that we shall be doing Season 1 only, and we shall not do Sister Princess ~Repure~, since that has already been done by the fine folks at Jumonji-Giri. Please visit them for getting Season 2. I shall be ripping the Repure DVDISOs at a later date too.

Now, about the particulars as to what we’ll do for Season 1, here is the plan, in accordance to a talk I had with Zalis of Redone Subs a couple of years ago and based on his advice

  • The R1 subs will be used as base. My sincere apologies to the great folks at Ishin who worked hard to bring SisPri  to us, but we are unable to use Ishin subs due to various reasons.
  • There will be two audio and three sub tracks:
  1. Full and delocalized(Onii-chans restored) script and Japanese audio (Primary),
  2. Full script (with Big Brothers) and Japanese audio(Secondary) and
  3. Songs+Signs and English audio (Secondary).
  • While this project will take some time, I shall do my best to ensure best quality.

Now, the catch is, the show has lots of Typesetting. While Assasin_Cross has gladly agreed to Typeset it for us, if you’re an expert Typesetter and are willing to help, please let us know. Also, if you wish to help in any other way (timing, possible edit and TLC) too, please let us know as well. 🙂

Thank you for reading, and hope to see you with some SisPri releases soon~


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4 Responses to Project Announcement – Sister Princess DVD Re-Release

  1. sandoe41 says:

    Excellent! Glad to see someone giving this some quality subs.

  2. Agor says:

    Instead of announcing things that you wil do in the future you better should concentrate on the things you actually do.
    Where is Glasslip 9 and 10 ?

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