Papa no Iu Koto wo Kikinasai! – 12

Why are you so delicious? I demand a spinoff with just Miu.


Last post for this series and my (probably) last post on this site. How appropriate. Prepare yourself for tl;dr. At least it should be a more entertaining flavor than the usual sleep-inducing posts here.


First a TL note for this ep from Shoujo-chan:
In our release of Episode 11, there was a phrase we had translated as “sports meet” (the event that Hina was preparing for). As should be obvious from Episode 12, this was in fact referring to a musical (the word “oyuugikai” could ostensibly mean either) and our Episode 12 script reflects this. Our episode 11 will be updated to reflect this in the batch.


And now onto more interesting less boring stuff. So this show sucks. The brown haired chick is a poor excuse of a tsundere. The crying kid I just want to throw off a bridge so I never need to hear her voice again. At least the blonde one was there to save it a bit with her constant teasing and general sluttiness.


So now that we’ve established that this show is terrible we can move on to the train wreck that was this project. This is for all the drama whores out there (don’t be ashamed, you know you love it). What happens when you put a bunch of people together with radically different opinions on what does and doesn’t suck huge bags of dicks? That will be answered soon enough.


First some shameless promotion. Somehow I got roped into a position where I can’t escape this show, so please check out the [Kira-Broken] joint for the BDs. Since I’m in charge of the Oyatsu track you can expect the elimination of all crappy, weeaboo garbage (only extreme stuff like that, all honorifics etc. will be preserved). Also a conversion to glorious American English will take place.


Yeah, so enough plugs. Time for the credits/drama fest. And yes I put more effort into this post than I did QCing the last episode. Waste of time? Yup. Worth it? Hell fucking yeah it was. Staff list is in alphabetical order since I would feel absolutely terrible if anyone’s feelings got hurt.


Assasin_Cross – Typesetter, Asshole, Trolling, Printer, Master of Stalling, Denial, and Rage

AvidElite – Editor, Master of the Engrish Language

MarukoM – Timer, Asshole, Trolling, Master of Lazy and Instigation

Shoujo Q – Translator, Crack Snack Dealer, Master of All Things Weeaboo and Bitchy

sm2345 – Muxer, Error Adder Checker, Brown Superman, Master of Hugs, Derp, and Curry

Virus123 – Encoder, Typesetter, Quality Checker, Asshole, Trolling, Slacker, Master of Puppets


Oh, and Shoujo, guess for once you were right. Always remember, don’t hate the game — hate yourself. Enjoy everyone.


[Oyatsu] Papa no Iu Koto wo Kikinasai! – 12 END [1280×720][10-bit] [8040D5B6].mkv

Torrent || DDL || XDCC


P.S. Those of you with no sense of humor should know where to find me. I love reading otaku rage. Picturing your tears of indignation hitting the keyboard one by one is almost as delicious as these pics of the aforementioned slutty, blonde girl that made this show somewhat watchable. Of course all this is in good fun and the spirit of proper trolling. I love don’t dislike (most of the time) all of you who worked on this series with me.

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