Papa no Iu Koto wo Kikinasai! – 01

Hello there, everyone~ I know it’s very late, but here’s our second project for Winter, Papa no Iu Koto wo Kikinasai! or Papakiki in short.

I’ve been looking forward to the anime for a while, having enjoyed the manga. And even though this one has some fanservice, we’re optimistic that it has potential to be a very good family themed anime. So do give this one a try~ And yeah, we decided to do it cos we really liked the anime.

As for the lateness, I apologise for it. Many issues, mostly RL related, hit the team one way or the other. In any case, we’ll try our best to release it by the weekend every week, since the TL is very busy with work and stuff.

As for the team, Redtitan, the same TL as Mashiro, is translating this, with MarukoM timing and k-timing, AvidElite editing, Assasin_Cross typesetting, and Yours Sincerely QCing. And Shoujo_Q  is TLCing this, as well as Virus123 is encoding as well as QCing this. So kudos to the team for working so hard on it~

And the release is in 10-bit. Like we did for Mashiro, Assasin_Cross has made a nice KFX for the ED. So, there are two tracks, one with KFX (set as default), and the other without KFX. Please switch over to the Without KFX track if it lags for you.

So, here we go:

 [Oyatsu] Papa no Iu Koto wo Kikinasai! – 01 [1280×720][10-bit] [084D383E].mkv

Torrent || DDL || XDCC

Enjoy the snack. 😀 Comments, constructive feedback, suggestions etc are welcome.

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9 Responses to Papa no Iu Koto wo Kikinasai! – 01

  1. The Truth says:

    You guys are definitely one of those legit group who does a legit job on translating x) So glad you guys decided to pick up this show.

  2. daemonkai says:

    thank you

  3. Amaranthea says:

    Oyatsu is picking this up? Looks like I’m going to have some delicious snacks to enjoy again this season. I’m happy I don’t have to watch CR rips anymore.

  4. Silver says:

    Dee da daum wooope wee! So happy…. Now we will have some serious quality stuff to watch. It’s not like CR were bad but they could definitely be better if Oyatsu is good stuff! Thank you!

    Anyways… yes loving this series so far. Well I have been waiting for a while since I have read the manga.

  5. Oh nice. I thought I’d start watching this show as well and I find out that you guys are subbing it.

  6. Justin says:


    Thank you for area no kishi. Chapter 3 when is coming?

  7. lordzenchi says:

    Thanks for the release. Keep up the good work!

  8. daemonkai says:

    any news on episode 2?

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