Oyatsu at Naru2U Anime Convetion

We’ll have representation at the Naru2U Anime Convention in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada this coming November 18th to 20th.

Stop by and see three days of panels and workshops, watch anime and make new friends. You’ll also get to see a member of Oyatsu giving lectures on how to make AMVs, how fansubs are made and where to find them. I’ll also be running a “Name That Anime Tune” contest and judging the costume contest.

Pre-registration is closed, but come on by, get tickets at the door and have fun with fellow anime nerds!

UPDATE: We’ll be showing Tamayura and Mashiro Iro Symphony at the convention, so you’ve got no reason not to come now!

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8 Responses to Oyatsu at Naru2U Anime Convetion

  1. ZeroYuki says:

    I need an air ticket. Let’s open donations!
    ~Just kidding.

  2. Tatsuki says:

    Awesome. Any chance that this will be recorded? I’m on the other side of the globe :sadface:


    If someone will provide a plane ticket (I literary live over 9000 k/m from Canada) I would gladly visit, but alas…

  4. sm2345 says:

    Same :”D

    If I could get a ticket to Canada… 🙂

  5. Ack, I’m from Ottawa, but currently studying at another Ontario university.
    Even though I’m not a fan of anicons, I would have loved to meet fellow nerds who are enjoying the same shows as I am. So who’s this member of Oyatsu that’s going to be present there, AvidElite? (or is this supposed to be a surprise for those who actually show up at the con)

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