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Hello everyone. I’m back from an enjoyable vacation. 🙂 This post is to share with everyone with something I came across quite by chance. On the return flight back home, I was playing about with the screen(?) in front of me, which shows movies, music etc etc.

I suddenly came across Movies –> Japanese, and there, I saw to my surprise, “Bunny Drop”! w00t! So yes, I watched it with subtitles. Enjoyed it very much. It’s a live action movie released on 20th August 2011, meaning it’s not animated.

In any case, I present here some points, facts and things about the live action and how it differs or is similar to the anime and manga. Read on:

    • In the movie, the parts played by Daikichi’s mother (advising on daycare etc) are given by Kazumi, Daikichi’s sister, instead. So she plays a bigger role here than the anime and the manga.
    • There’s no mention of the Osmanthus tree unlike the anime. The Rindou is explicitly mentioned and an extra part on it is added.
    • Daikichi’s uncle is portrayed as a kind of “bad” person, who wanted to send Rin to a faraway place, and even called an “acquaintance” to talk to Daikichi on whether to take her away. Of course, he refused outright.
    • Unlike the anime, here, Daikichi’s grandfather had no blog. It was Yoshii Masako’s blog, whose address was scribbled at the bottom of a page in the MCH Handbook.
    • The part with Masako is kinda less touched, unlike the anime. Her request to Daikichi remains, though.
    • Daikichi cried twice in the movie, unlike once in the anime.
    • There’s very little Reina in the movie, only during the funeral, not afterwards.
    • Daikichi has a rather odd habit of visualising himself dancing with the models of a magazine, which are figments of his imagination and dependedent on his mood.
    • The last 15 minutes have extra story, which I think is not there in the manga, and definitely not in the anime. In this part (WARNING: SPOILERS): Rin and Kouki leave the kindergarten without telling anybody, and they go missing. Daikichi and Nitani, along with Daikichi’s co-workers (including Gotou-san, too), search everywhere for them. But they are unable to find them and come back to the kindargarten, devastated. In the meantime, the kids are guided by a person (who later turns out to be Kazumi’s boyfriend), to Kouki’s father’s grave. The scene where they both cry, wanting to meet their father (for Kouki) and their Grandpa(for Rin), moved me almost to tears. In the end, they find their way back to the kindargarten, and are united with Nitani and Daikichi. This is where he cries for the second time (the first time being when Nitani says that Rin trusts him more than anyone else).
    • The combined kindergarten event on Parents Day is slightly more detailed, and the movie ends with that.
    • The events are slightly reshuffled for better flow.

This is where I stop for today. I hope that those who haven’t watched the movie yet (I have no idea if there are raws and/or subs for it), this will hopefully shed some light on the events in the movie. Please forgive the spoilers, and if I made any mistake in reference or my English; I am writing this one hour after returning from 7 days of rather stressful holidays and 5 hours of flight journey.

Among another news, Mashiro 01 is getting a v2, not because some people say it’s bad, but for the fact that we’re not satisfied with a few things in the episode, and some Typesetting needs fixing too.  Look forward to it and Mashiro 02. 🙂

PS. I saw some other interesting things in the movies section in the flight:

  1. Makoto Shinkai’s Children Who Chase Lost Voices from Deep Below (I wanted to watch this, but decided against it. It’s subbed and animated, maybe the only anime in the whole catalog, lol).
  2. Detroit Metal City Live Action
  3. Death Note Live Action
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13 Responses to On Usagi Drop Live Action

  1. XeonSpy says:

    If you hear anything about a sub let us know!

  2. random says:

    mashiro 02 isn’t ready yet?

  3. Anonymous says:

    Another one waiting for mashiro 2 here

  4. reza says:

    i’ve been looking for this movie for a while. if you, somehow, have it, please upload it and let us know. thanks a lot! 🙂

  5. alex says:

    i haven’t a subs for this live-action :sob:

  6. whida says:

    i’ve watched it without sub ><
    could u tell me where i can download the english sub? thanks 🙂

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