Now YOU can help Oyatsu!

We need you and your moe sensibilities to help the cast and crew of Oyatsu.

Think about the six girls in “Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai”, and cast your hat in the hole for who you think is the most moe-tastic one.

Kirino Kuroneko Saori
Manami Kanako Ayase

[polldaddy poll=5614481]

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10 Responses to Now YOU can help Oyatsu!

  1. MarukoM says:

    Why you gotta troll Avid? I go on the website on my iPhone during class to see this lmao.

    Let’s make things a lil more fun.

    If Kirino does not win then I will NOT fansub Mashiro. Which means find another timer/distro to do it ^_^.

  2. Rac says:

    Kuroneko of course!
    Kirino is way to annoying…

  3. sm2345 says:

    I voted for Ayase, and she rules. ‘Nuff said.

  4. ZeroYuki says:

    Nice pic 😀

  5. Saori’s not the most moe one, but I voted for her as she is my favourite character in OreImo. The only path, no regrets, etc.

  6. tama says:

    Kirino didn’t get much development for herself in the anime.
    From the very beginning to until the very end she was always tsun and Kuroneko just used that gap to shine and now we reach to the point where Kuroneko has more popularity. Because they stupidly tried to keep their relationship as a “normal” one between siblings that it ended up being f*cked like that if you consider the contents.

    That’s also why people kept saying Sora >>>>>>>> Kirino.

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