Mashiro Iro Symphony – 11

OK. Here comes episode 11. Sorry for the delay.
Airi is love <3.
Next episode is the final episode and the end of our colour meeting :(.
And special thanks to our patient fans out there.
We love you all <3.

[Oyatsu] Mashiro Iro Symphony – 11 (1280×720 x264 AAC) [945201F0].mkv

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Enjoy the snack. 😀 Comments, constructive feedback and suggestions etc are welcome.

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19 Responses to Mashiro Iro Symphony – 11

  1. Airi says:

    First! Thanks for your awesome work in bringing us this episode. Can’t wait to watch it :3

    PS. Does anyone know when the last episode is airing? I’m not too familiar with Japanese TV arrangements.

  2. getchman says:

    hmm, looks like Miu did give Shingo some sex ed lessons. was worried for a bit, i thought with two episodes to go that something might split the two apart, namely Sena.

  3. imoutosmile says:

    is the next episode is the last one?

  4. bakemonogatari says:

    1 question: are u guy gonna do the BD version?
    thanks for hard work

  5. Raven says:

    Been waiting for your release, now I get to watch this and Working 11 from FFF. Thanks for your hard work on this series, I showed up about midway through from Zenyaku and glad I found you guys.

    At first I thought, “Geez, they put too much work into the kara, makes me wonder about the subs.” But turned out to be for the best, so I will keep following you guys. Hope you pick up something from the coming seasons.

  6. Kermit says:

    Thank you very much! I look forward to watching the last episode with you!

  7. Beckett says:

    <3 this episode <3

    <3 <3 <3

    Thanks for subbing this show!

  8. MikiMiki says:

    Good god…this episode shows how diverse this anime is….I don’t like how people called this anime shit…it developed so good…I even saw some trolling going on during the episode :3

    Cheers to this episode and I hope the finale is just as good or better!

  9. Sutai says:


  10. Inthecenterofitall says:

    Mmmm…that delicious implied MiuxShingo sex scene.

    Great episode, glad they didnt decided to split them up after 2 episodes, and just kept them as a couple.

  11. Amaranthea says:

    At some points it looked like your editor gave up. “It’s the Christmas Eve”? Ah well. Oyatsu is still #1 for this show. Thanks for the release, looking forward to the finale. And please, do the Blu-Rays, because one of these days, I’ll want to enjoy my delicious snacks again, except in glorious 1080p. It just won’t be the same without your subs, karaoke, and typesetting. You guys are just so great at aesthetics

    It might be a bit late to bring this one up, but:
    “I woke up in the morning when the new wind brings a soft fragrance”
    brings -> brought
    I also notice some parts in the translated lyrics where one line doesn’t seem to follow the one before it too well. Just like the one I brought up around episode 8 or 9.
    “I’d rather lie by keeping quiet / A malicious heart which can not become honest”
    I see you fixed up the translation of that one line, but these two lines don’t connect very well as they are. There’s more of this in the OP than the ED though.

    • Shana-is-my-waifu says:

      Our decision for no BD is final.
      But for error that will be fixed on batch.

    • sm2345 says:

      Hmm, I see. For the OP and ED, we’ll recheck stuff and maybe correct those for the batch.

      Sorry, we won’t do the Blu-Rays at all. Partly because we won’t have time to, mostly because it goes against our principles to do so.

  12. Thanks for the episode.

    I’m glad that Manglobe decided to give Shingo’s colour searching a conclusion rather than leaving the viewers hanging.

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