Mashiro Iro Symphony – 09

Mashiro is proceeding nicely as the year is coming to an end. Mashiro didn’t go where I thought it would, but I don’t mind. I’m with anime for the ride, not my expectations. I like surprises, good or bad. Being the oldest member of Oyatsu, I feel a little melancholic around year’s end, and I like taking this time to both look back and examine my mistakes, as well as look forward and try to think of where I want to be next year and what I want to get done.

I’m looking at the future of my employment, love life, anime, and everything is just spinning and changing right now. What I’d like most from the coming year is a little stability. And a new season of Infinite Stratos. Or at least a spin off show. “Charlotte in Tokyo.” A naive French girl gets caught up in the everyday wackiness of the Japanese.

[Oyatsu] Mashiro Iro Symphony – 09 (1280×720 x264 AAC) [021741D8].mkv

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PS – Last week’s instrumental music is the piano version of “Sayonara Kimi no Koe” by Misato Aki

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54 Responses to Mashiro Iro Symphony – 09

  1. MarukoM says:

    Sana was too good for him anyway.

  2. Chinchen says:

    Wait, Charlotte in Tokyo? Wasn’t there some film featuring Bill Murray being completely lost in Tokyo or something?

    Also, guys, do not try to do anything that Shingo says to Miu. If you do try to do the same, the result will be a restraining order and maybe some community service, specially with the line ”Yeah, I’ve seen EVERYTHING from you” at the 2nd scene at the park.

  3. Manic says:

    I actually give it credit for straying from the norm and giving viewers a pleasant surprise by not just going down the same path the rest do by using the title heroine. I typically dont like the title heroines anyway so it was win win for me. I was fine with either sana or mui. At this point tho its tuff watching sana cus she is trying so hard but just falling flat on her face, but thats the way it goes sometimes for those tsunderes.

  4. Raven says:

    Ugh, I was hoping for Sana or Airi, whatever. Ugh, and I’ll be honest… Seeing 2 of my series pull the same “Hi, you’re standing there and here I am chasing something from the bathroom naked.” in the same week

    If they are doing anything they are making Miu seem like a future creepy-old cat lady who runs around in the nude.

  5. Breedo says:

    I too would like to see more IS Charlotte, nice job this is my favorite new anime of the season. I so thought like a fool Charlotte was going to win out…..what a life shingo has, sees miu nude, guy hater sena provides him with a sexy phone pic, and Airi bathes with him. Galge really is a teenage guys dreams.

  6. Sena and Imouto!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Otter says:

    first off, Charlotte is the best.
    So all the way up to episode 6 Airi was 100% in the lead, then all of a sudden u barely even see her in these last 3 episodes. Sana has been a big part lately and its obvious that shes fallen for Shingo now, but i just havnt seen any evidence that Shingo likes her back in that way…. maybe cause she still makes it seem like she hates him! but now, look out cause Miu just came out of no where and left Sana in the dust. is it easy to see that both Miu and Shingo like each other. even though Airi has been put aside lately, i think shes in the same boat as Miu….though the way they have been showing Airi lately observing, i dont know if shes gonna go the helping route or the “realize im in love and confess” route. so i said Airi was 100% after ep6….well now i would say Airi 40%, Miu 40%, and Sana at 20%.

  8. imoutosmile says:

    Forever imouto…… ;_;

  9. Sparkingmeteor1337 says:

    i liked this episode more than most others.
    this reminded me of clannad mainly, and the animation in this one was good.
    also i hear oyatsu get “bad quality” messages.
    and i was all like…. >:(
    quality seems fine to me, keep up the good work ^^

    PS: will there be a delay on the episode next week?

  10. Beckett says:

    <3 Miu <3.

    Miu for president 2012.

  11. darkHaruhi says:

    I am liking Sana more and more every episode. Loved Miu’s cats. ^^

  12. That Man says:

    I do want Sana to win, but hell, I’ll be glad as long as Sakuno doesn’t win. I’ve never really like [i]imouto[/i] characters. Lolis are fine though.

  13. random says:

    thinking again sana does have better chance to win than what i tought before since she was included in the anime but the other girl from the psp version was not, this can be a solid hint

  14. Silver says:

    Ah so painful… definitely want Miu to win. But poor Sana…

    @ That Man
    Lol! Don’t like imoutos? Hahahah! I’m fine with them though as long as they don’t go crazy.

  15. random says:

    now i’m stalling my download of this series, i was totally for sana but if she have to get hurt like that it will be sad for me to watch this serie again

  16. Cream says:

    I loved this episode 😀
    Btw, will next episode be delayed? Since I can’t wait for the subs! *w*
    Keep up the good work, guiz ^__^

  17. random says:

    btw i looked everywhere and all say this have 12 episode but the tittle of the 11 make it seems the last one so can anyone confirm if it have 11 or 12 episode?

  18. elior1 says:

    @sm2345 you will do a review for episode 10 since we have a winner girl in this episode before it will subbed or after it will subbed?

  19. elior1 says:

    @sm2345 episode 10 was sad heartwarming and happy moments all over so you will enjoy it

  20. jindo90 says:

    OMG thanks god watch this series. My body was not ready for this episode.

  21. elior1 says:

    @sm2345 i think she is a winner girl in 98% becouse shingo confessed to her he love her

  22. elior1 says:

    @sm2345 i think she is a winner girl in 98% becouse shingo was confessed to her he love her

  23. Shana-is-my-waifu says:

    Sena + Imouto > *

  24. random says:

    after ep 10 if i was able to read japanese i’ll buy the psp game just to go sana route

  25. Setsuna says:

    Will the subs for episode 10 come out today? 😮

  26. Shasu says:

    In the end Airi will win anyways :p At least I wouldn’t be surprised as it would be the typical pattern to first show the main heroine and then put in some “obstacles” to get some tension (or whatever) build up. Nothing new there.
    Still my favorite anime this season alongside Guilty Crown. I like the character design and the art style. A light hearted romantic anime series shouldn’t be missing in any season. 🙂 (Haganai is more like comedy in that regards)

  27. elior1 says:

    there is no way airi will win after this episode events and the final episode title will be the name of the show which will be still miu arc

  28. Silver says:

    I totally love Miu but episode 10 just made it even harder! Miu? Sana? Miu? Sana? DAMN YOU MANGAGLOBE (and Palatte) !!!!! DIE A FIERY DEATH!! MUHAHAAHAHA!!

    Also I’m a bit disappointed because for some reason, I don’t really feel a closure for Airi’s “route”. Also, I sure hope there are some episode for Sakuno because… she barely got anything so far but considering how we’re on episode 10 already… it does not seem very likely.

    @ sm2345
    I was thinking, if they continue to go for Miu’s route, I will be fine with it since I love Miu and all but I will probably also go crazy because of Sana. If the suddenly switch to Sana, I would probably rage about it but then also feel happy for Sana. Why can’t we all be happy right? How do you feel? Hahaha.

    • sm2345 says:

      Well, I’ve been supporting Sana even before this anime started airing, lol.

      In my opinion, Miu’s too much “perfect”. Sana is more human, with her flaws and conflicts. They portray it well, on how she tries to deal with her feelings. But oh well, I might be a very happy person if Shingo ends up with Sana. =3

      And one of the anime’s strengths is, you can’t help but like all the characters.

      And stay tuned, everyone, Mashiro 10 is coming in a few hours. 🙂

  29. jindo90 says:

    What about eps 9-12 is for Miu arc? Then we have 4 characters left x 4 eps each arc. Alright that’s a ss2.
    I’m down for this.

  30. random says:

    you should make a post whit the english sub of the other girls ending (specialy sana cough..)from the psp we all will be incredibly thankfull to you

  31. i love this moviee!!! ^_^

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