Mashiro Iro Symphony – 07

Sorry for the delay. I fell asleep in front of my PC while typesetting it(haven’t had a nice sleep in the exam week) and I hope imouto and tsun arcs come soon.

[Oyatsu] Mashiro Iro Symphony – 07 (1280×720 x264 AAC) [82088EDB].mkv

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Enjoy the snack. 😀 Comments, constructive feedback and suggestions etc are welcome.

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34 Responses to Mashiro Iro Symphony – 07

  1. MarukoM says:

    >Sakuno Post Pic
    >Episode completely unrelated
    >sm unable to stop it

    Trolling at the speed of light

  2. dood says:

    Please don’t add any jokes to the subs(22:27), don’t be like gg.

  3. Raven says:

    Hmm, I’m starting to wonder if this show will have any solid story progression or if it’s just going to be another anime with a decent guy who is completely dense and doesn’t notice a thing.

  4. SparkingMeteor says:

    watched it earlier and forgot to comment how awesome it was XD
    reminded me of Clannad / Air / Kanon…… Klanonair 😀

    excellent subbing 😀

  5. Zanzibar says:

    Am I the only person who has begun referring to this show as ‘ColOrgasm’? Because honestly, I think I am.

    What can I say? It’s an orgasm of color-y hairstyles. I can’t take my eyes away.

    Help me.

  6. Silver says:

    Hmm… I have no issue with Sakuno being the picture for this post… but I was under the impression that you were planning on having a Sena picture every week?

    @ Zanzibar
    “ColOrgasm”… that’s uhh interesting. You know you might as well just call it ColorOrgasm or something because I was thinking Col -> Colon and I’m sure you don’t mean that.

    Anyways, thank you! Another cute episode this week!

  7. Amaranthea says:

    Went with your subs for this show because Dark_Sage said it was presented all nice and stuff. I wasn’t disappointed. Keep up the good work.

  8. ColoR Green says:

    Is there a English version of the visual novel?

  9. Amaranthea says:

    Before I forget… Ange confirmed for best girl.

  10. random says:

    mashiro 08 did not air this week?

  11. sandoe41 says:

    Thank for the good work, and everyone have a great thanksgiving!

  12. Amaranthea says:

    So I watched this episode after saving it till after my turkey and stuff. Karaoke is now in tip-top shape except for one line:

    usotsuki no mugon shaberitai no hontou ha -> A liar’s silence is what I really want to say

    Sounds like something else is supposed to come after, but the next line is “A malicious heart which can(consider removing the space here)not become honest”, making the previous line unnatural and awkward.

    Otherwise, good job with this episode.

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