Mashiro Iro Symphony – 05

A show like this one really reminds me why I got into anime in the first place so many years ago.

I love a giant robot battle as much as the next man, and I’ll giggle like a 6th grader at a show with panty shots and guys that trip and magnetically fall on girls’ boobs. But a simple romance like this is why I really love anime. People being nice, talking, no giant robots or stupid panty shots. Just… people.

We have added karaoke effects to the ending. In addition, our font colour has been changed to one that is more pleasing the eyes, thanks to SnowBlossom.

Enjoy the snack. Tastes like happiness.

~AvidElite, Supreme Editor

[Oyatsu] Mashiro Iro Symphony – 05 (1280×720 x264 AAC) [9135902F].mkv

Torrent || DDL

PS, I expect Sakuno to go full yandere on Airi at any moment. Flashing a knife and slowly, coldly, saying “you won’t take my brother away, will you?”

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40 Responses to Mashiro Iro Symphony – 05

  1. Des says:

    Yes 😀
    Thnx 🙂

  2. I was pleasantly surprised when I opened up this week’s episode to find the font colour change. Thanks for the release!

  3. SomeFag says:

    For starters how about not using crap like honorifics and other kinds of weeaaboo faggotry instead? Jesus fuck, why is this show only getting subbed by faggots that need to leave in as much moonspeak as possible to please their eleven overlords…

    • oh so one troll already come just to complain about honorifics

      • SomeFag says:

        >I’m not sure how to defend my point! Maybe if I dismiss this as one of those “trolls” I have heard so much about, everything will be alright!

    • MarukoM says:

      You are welcome to grab the release from other groups. Maybe they will be more suiting to your taste ^_^.

      • SomeFag says:

        I believe you missed the part where it’s all the same shit. Or I would have, don’t you worry your pretty little head.

        Though on another note…


        Never mind.

    • AvidElite says:

      No one’s forcing you to watch our subs.

      • SomeFag says:

        Fear not young man, I won’t. Just dropped by the latest shit group that releases this to judge the faggotry of it’s users.

    • MarukoM says:

      Well calling our style “weeaboo faggotry” won’t really help get your point across. Keep in mind that this was the style chosen for the series since the beginning. Maybe if we receiv respectful criticism over it then we may change our minds? Luckily for you we are not the only choice.

      • SomeFag says:

        >Implying I came here to change anyone’s mind.

        If someone has to point out honorifics and shit to you as something bad you ain’t the sort of person that would do anything about it anyway. As mentioned before, I just dropped by to assess the faggotry of the user base on one of the shit subs that does this show. Nothing more nothing less. For the show I’ll be using raws as usual because welp, sometimes it just can’t be helped.

        • sm2345 says:

          Quite some stuff you’re writing there, huh?

          Glad to know of your decision ^^

          In any case, no, we won’t drop honorifics or change anything to the way we present our subtitles. Why? It’s our choice. End of story.

          I hope I won’t see you here again. Farewell.

    • ZeroYuki says:

      Honorifics may be stupid on some shows like Gosick and the sort. But this show is traditional Japanese harem. So including honorifics actually is suitable. The characters tend to vary with their usage of honorifics and whether they include it or not.

      Some dialogues cannot be translated without honorifics, especially when the characters drop their honorifics to emphasise closeness or hint at a romantic intention to their other party. If honorifics are removed, this part of the translation will never get across to the english speaking/reading viewers.

      Dropping of honorifics during a conversation is considered rude if you don’t know that person well, but it also hints that you feel you are close enough to that person to be not so formal.

      • SomeFag says:

        Are you seriously trying to give a reason for leaving honorifics untranslated? Jesus fuck. Sure that excuse may work on every weeaboo around here that can’t seem to get enough of the language from their glorious Japanese overlords. That still doesn’t excuse how leaving shit untranslated isn’t only fucking stupid but in the end resulting in an incomplete translation. And worst of all is how you find it completely acceptable even if it’s not in the fucking language you’re translating you idiot. Why is that simple fact eluding so many faggots these days…

        Also to the faggot above you I can’t seem to reply:

        >Durp hurp I’ll sub the way I feel like it even if it’s shit

        Don’t worry faggot, I’m used to answers like that and know idiots like you never really bother changing thinking they know best. As I mentioned before, I ain’t using nor do I give two shits about your shitty subs when I can watch raws with only the minimal of inconvenience. Only came to the first subgroup for this show I caught to call you on your faggotry. Faggots.

        Also feel free to delete whatever I posted so far if it makes you feel insecure. Faggot.

      • guenthar says:

        Did you know that in the way honorifics are used in Japanese there really isn’t an accurate English translation. Saying Mr. or Mrs. can only be used in certain situations but most of the time the honorifics are used or not used are not the appropriate situations. Even more formal honorifics can’t be translated properly most of the time since a large part of the time it is used in Japanese the honorifics wouldn’t be used in English.

        PS. Would the translation be worse if friends were being called mr. or mrs. all of the time or everyone was either calling classmates by their name when they say Senpai or higher grade classmate.

        In other words it is stupid to translate everything into English and it is jarring and unnatural when people translate that way.

    • ZeroYuki says:


      Thanks for showing us support. If you troll, it means you care. I can feel your love.

    • Matteas says:

      If you hate honorifics, go watch shows subbed by real faGGots. You will also get some amazing CMs as an extra. But I hope you will be haunted by releases including honorifics forever.
      You can’t translate honorifics, but you can’t leave out the nuances they produce. If you do, you will screw up the translation.

      • SomeFag says:

        I can’t really tell which is dumber… Your reasoning, or how you really believe in what you say. Old series didn’t use crap like this and localized everything perfectly you gigantic homosexual. Besides the quality issues encountered back then, everything was spot on with the translations. Well, that’s until weeaboo scum came along and decided it’s in everyone’s best interest to use as many words from the glorious Japanese language in their subs explained in fuckhuge TL notes. Luckily this has dimmed down recently. Yet the weeaboo roots are still there with untranslated shit like honorifics, professional titles (sensei) or translatable food names (onigiri) still being left in. And all that since the translators just love the taste of their superior Japanese overlord’s phallus all day err’ day. Case in point: The words are not in the language you are translating in so just don’t fucking use them you fucking imbecile. Figure out another way to point out the differences. That’s what makes a fucking translator. Jesus fuck.

    • ZeroYuki says:

      35 =D

      • I think this will hit 40 with the help of this great guy.

      • sm2345 says:


        We’re hitting record number of comments 😀

        People’s love for us are overflowing, we can so feel it. =3

        EDIT: There are quite a few swear words posted on this blog, it seems. And since we don’t like lowlifes like him, I’ve commented out all the swearing from his posts (no, I pity him so much that I kept his comments). Also, Somefag is hereby banned from commenting here, and even if he evades it somehow, it’ll be deleted without consideration. It was fun while it lasted. But now, chapter closed.

        A request to all those who comment: Please keep things clean, everyone. ^_^

  4. Des says:

    Nice thing about this groups DDL link is that it goes to Multiupload 😀

  5. Onyxthegreat says:

    It’s the same reason why I love this and Tamayura so much as well! Just lighthearted cuteness and fun. Thanks for the release!

  6. Hmm, the translation of Sana’s “き-貴様!” to “Y-You bastard!” at 10:58 feels awkward, but I’m not sure of an alternative word for it. “Y-You wench!” perhaps?

    Is there a particular reason you decided to use “bastard”?

    • sandoe41 says:

      “You wench” may be the most appropriate, as it is directed toward the maid, Angie

    • AvidElite says:

      As insults go we don’t have a wide palette to work with. I left it because I liked the silliness of one girl calling another girl a bastard. Ever been insulted in such a way that you spent more time trying to figure out the insult then actually being insulted? I liked the awkwardness it generates.

  7. Shana-is-my-waifu says:

    Hi everyone o/~

  8. Val says:

    I got into anime for the very same thing! thanks for the release btw 😀
    I like action/epic etc. kinds of anime plus some ecchi ones but these of harem/moe (not to mention no epic battle scenes of the sort) shows really brings you back how you got into it in the first place 🙂

  9. Andromeda says:


    And yea, I love these kinds of shows as well. Very easy to watch without all the awkward sexual tension or panty shots that make most harems feel like cheap flicks.

  10. Genra101 says:

    Thank you for the release!

    I agree with everything you said about how a simple romance anime like this show can be so good. One of the shows I look forward to each week this season.

  11. Tatsuki says:

    I noticed that Sakuno’s a giant compared to the other girls in that pic…

  12. IZEROII says:

    Ahhhh such an enjoyable show.

  13. Rankblotch says:

    Really enjoyed your sentiments in this post, Avid. Keep it up you guys.

  14. gar says:

    The Japanese text in the OP karaoke doesn’t show up for me, but it does in the ED.

    Am I missing a font or something? If so, how do I get it?

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