Mashiro Iro Symphony – 04


This is yet another great episode we have all been waiting for. I would like to give my appreciation to the original Oyatsu staff for letting me work on this wonderful project, as well as to the creators and viewers of this series. This has been quite an enriching and enjoyable journey for me as I am learning the trade secrets of doing a good TL, while having fun watching the series itself.

Speaking of secrets, there are certainly some secrets which have come to light in this episode. In particular, we will see more into the reason behind Airi’s tsun tsun attitude, or rather her poverty-striken lifestyle. If there is any colour that is representative of her, it would be the leafy green colour of a cabbage. Apart from Airi, certain other characters also have their own share of their dark secrets. In any case, this episode presents quite a huge development in Sena Airi’s route. Just look out for the use of honorifics, or the lack of, as they address each other towards the end.

We have also made a couple of updates to this episode which will be applied to the rest of the series from now on.

  1. The official lyrics for the opening theme – Authentic Symphony (by Choucho) – has just been released yesterday, so we have updated the lyrics to the official version.
  2. Thanks to Shana-is-my-waifu,  we have now incorporated some nice karaoke effects for the opening theme. We have provided two subtitle tracks: the default track with kfx, and the second track without it. For those who experience a lag in the video playback, we recommend you switch to the second track.

For me, I like Amaha Miu, especially when she’s dressed in a cat-raven costume. Not forgetting her cute kitty pet, Pannya-chan!

Lastly, I am announcing that Kousaka Kirino is now leading in the previous poll as the most moe-tastic girl among the six in “Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai”. This has been a close contest between imouto and kuroneko. Thanks to all those who have given their votes!

[Oyatsu] Mashiro Iro Symphony – 04 (1280×720 x264 AAC) [051E4F83].mkv

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Enjoy the snack. 😀 Comments, feedback, suggestions etc are welcome.

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16 Responses to Mashiro Iro Symphony – 04

  1. martinez says:

    so fast! thanks friends! this is my #1 Fall show 😀

  2. LaLa-Sama says:

    Super thnx!! zenyaku seem delay this show due to lack TLC.. @.@

  3. Gwendale says:

    Thank you for this!

  4. Anon says:

    Since you guys ask for comment, here is my comment, i have been watch this series on Zenyaku before, since they delay this ep4, so watch yours, so here is my point:
    1. Nice kara compare to Zenyaku
    2. Fast release (that what ppl want) XD
    3. Have chapters, i really like this, 1 reason i hate HorribleSub because of this. >.<

    1. The translation is bit "off", what i mean here is, your translation is not really accurate of what are they say, it bit "annoying" when ppl (like me) know little bit japan and hear what they said (anime) and what your translate is difference (maybe becouse of this you guys got C+ on whinerspro review?).

    But maybe this can become good point because the translation is much "easier" compare of what they say, so for ppl who do not know anything about japan will enjoy this more.. Well i guess, every translator have they own approach, so just stik with what you guys think is good. XD

    (Well, this is just a comment, and sorry for my bad English)

    • ZeroYuki says:

      Your claims are rather misleading.

      You said you know “little bit of japan(ese)” and you think our translations are off. Are you assuming our translator don’t know any Japanese at all. In the first place, your Japanese should be like JLPT 1 to start criticising our translator.

      Whiners fansub reviews are not based on translations but on edits and flow. So using their grade of C+ to justify our “poor” translation is the worst example you can cite to back up your argument.

      • Anon says:

        lol, you guys said feedback are welcome, so i give my own pesornal feedback, for you guys to improve, not to flamming on you all (i even give the good point).. =.=

        but that the replay that i got, well, what i can sey here, you guys are not mature or professional enough.

        I can give the example where the translation were wrong interm of what they said, but stil, you guys delever the same meaning there. Nvm, if you guys dont want this comment ever happen again dont put “Comments, feedback, suggestions etc are welcome” again.. =.=

        • sm2345 says:

          “Well i guess, every translator have they own approach, so just stik with what you guys think is good. XD” <– True that. You forgot about the editor though. And their efforts make the final product.

          "The translation is bit "off", what i mean here is, your translation is not really accurate of what are they say, it bit "annoying" when ppl (like me) know little bit japan and hear what they said (anime) and what your translate is difference " <– Don't worry, I felt the same during QCing it. But then, if we translate word by word, it'd look unnatural, if I'm not wrong. Especially given the differences between Japanese and English. And, that's what you can call "alternate phrasing", not "off", where the second one implies you're accusing the Translator of being wrong. Which is not the case.

          "(maybe becouse of this you guys got C+ on whinerspro review?). " <– Implies you've not read that article.

          If you want to give us feedback, point out in our face where we went wrong. Just saying "I know where you went wrong." won't do.

          Lastly, if you'd like things your way, I suggest you get any other group's release, or even better, watch it without any subs. Then you can visualize the sentences the way you like, and spare the trouble of reading the subs as well (this isn't a hard series, so it's not impossible).

      • TSMN says:

        Ohhhhhh…that was pretty =.=” i mean scary … bookmarking this site plus ..i have never even heard about this subgroup…but whatever…since you cream like you totally have it on your hand i bet you at-least have some tricks up your sleeves (well am just calling it a trick figuratively) so am pretty much thinking it’s gonna be educational on my language skills(cuz i have a lot of Nihongo dictionaries but am a lazy ass plus when i start i can’t stop it’s better to watch good anime’s with good subs and plus it’s insuring to know that this group is providing subs with confidence lets just say…i’d usually decide on confidence and majority vote’s plus that and other things…..i think a lot before doing anything ..and am sure we all do ….but i think a bit more extra soo 😛 let’s check it more thing….i’d always compare..but it’s a bit hard since nihongo has those same word stuff with different meanings and thing just cuz how they say it and stuff…well expression does mean something ….these guys just take it to the max … i guess…..well am just a guy who thinks too much & types crazy thoughts…with some meaning…but i don’t talk that much… =.=” it’s tiring to move my mouth….

  5. anon says:

    Where is v2 of episode 01?

  6. IZEROII says:

    Could always partner with Zenyaku for this project…at least to take advantage of their ts and encoder?

  7. oneniisama says:

    I started this series watching the Zenyaku-Staircase subs. With episode 4 they are currently unable to finish it and may drop due to Staircase no longer working with them. Through Nyaa I saw your release and decided to give it a try. The chance I took very much paid off. You have done very well with this series and I am in the process now of DL’ing the other episodes to replace my Z-SC eps. From now on I will be watching your episodes exclusively and keeping an eye on other projects you work on. Thank you for the hardwork and quality releases. It’s nice to find another group who cares about the finished product and enjoys what they do.

  8. Des says:

    Thank you 🙂

  9. PolynAzn says:

    Guess it’s time to watch your subs…. Since it’s Ass’ TS I’ll guess it’ll work out.

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