Mashiro Iro Symphony – 02

Our apologies for the delay (hopefully it doesn’t become the norm) but it seems I’ll be once again creating the post, even though sm2345 came back from vacation. As for what’s been going on with Tamayura, well I’ll leave it to sm2345 to be the one to deliver the news. Such a shame, that 4 minute length ED we worked on may never see the light of day.

It seems our young hero didn’t really get off to a smooth start. And with so many girls surrounding him, for better or for worse, I wonder how the show is going to handle it. Will it simply aim for the main girl (whoever she is) or somewhat bring them all together? That being said, I love Airi’s tsun tsun attitude, nothing warms my heart more than a 2D girl who doesn’t automatically throw herself to you. I am keeping an eye on the imouto, please let it be a yandere.

So with that all being said, here we go:

[Oyatsu] Mashiro Iro Symphony – 02 (1280×720 x264 AAC) [CA4F13C3].mkv

Torrent || DDL

As always, enjoy the snack. Comments, feedback, suggestions etc are welcome.

sm2345: Well, I am in a rush to go to uni (no worries, no rush over QC lol), so I asked MarukoM to make the post. I wanted a Sana release pic, but he didn’t allow me… ;_; Why do you need to bully me, MarukoM? 🙁

In any case, our policy is to keep 3rd person in subs when someone speaks in third person. And use British English as well, which is a valid and accepted form of English.

A v2 of Mashiro Episode 1 is coming soon with several fixes.

For Tamayura, I’ll make a post later with proper explanation, sorry.

Lastly, I apologise for the delay.

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29 Responses to Mashiro Iro Symphony – 02

  1. martinez says:

    o yeah!. moar Mashiro! thanks guys! ;D

  2. SotongBoy says:

    The thing about your “third person” is that you are never consistent with it. Take for instance the first episode, you used third person when he is talking to her on the phone. But used first person when Airi is talking to him directly even though Airi is saying “onii-chan”.

    Use of third person is frowned upon in English, especially so in confession scenes. Can you imagine if Peter confesses to Mary, he says “I love Marry”. Obviously it will be “I love you”. If possible, though this is over-translating, you can always do it “I love you, Marry” which sounds perfectly fine.

    You have to understand that Japanese people emphasise names for closeness. They don’t have an english structure like first person, second person or third person.

    I don’t have any problems with British english either. Most of your use of British english are just differences in spelling. In fact, I observed your editor uses more of Canadian english which has certain jargons not used in British english. But that is fine too. The bottom line, is third person is frowned upon.

  3. SotongBoy says:

    I watched the second episode. The problem about the episode is that the script is too literal for its own good. At times, the translations are even off.

    The script looks like it hasn’t even been through an edit. The are some long sentences that has additional words which can be eliminated. The overuse of the word “but” and ellipses are frowned upon. The commas are also a problem because there are too many and this is known as “comma splices” which are technically incorrect because it is called a complicated sentence.

    The episode title for next episode is so poorly managed. “The throbbing of the colour of irritation”. There are too many “of”s which makes the title too complicated. Learn to use the ‘s and shorten whenever needed. The title should correctly be translated as “Throbbing of the Irritating Color”. Throbbing used for “dokidoki” is questionable because it is after a “no” which means it should be a noun. So “heartbeat” is more accurate. “Iraira” comes before Iro = color and that means “iraira” is not a noun. So “irritation” is wrong. It should be irritating which describes the color. “Color of irritation” is “iraira no iro” and NOT “iraira iro”. Get this right!

    I will post more of the editing problems later when I have time.

    • Redtitan says:

      You are most definitely contradicting yourself when you are giving a very literal translation of the next episode’s title while saying that the main script is too literal.

      For one, throbbing can be a noun as well.
      And I don’t really agree with your suggestion with heartbeat because there isn’t a heart in the first place. Well, beating is acceptable, but I feel that throbbing is the most suitable noun to use here.

      Next, iraira can be a noun also even if there is no ‘no’ particle after it.
      The suggestion given by wikipedia is “”Frustration Colour Palpitation”
      “Frustration” is a noun as well for your information. And think about your own suggestion: “Throbbing of the Irritating Color”, does it even make sense? Which color is irritating? If you had watched the first and second episode, you would have known that there aren’t any so called “Pure White Colour” or “Colour of Rejection” in the plot as the title suggests. They are all metaphorical.

      So stop contradicting yourself!

  4. Zanzibar says:

    I think you guys did a good job. It’s better than anything I could do, that’s for sure. Sure there are some mistakes, but I don’t think it’s anything that completely needs to be helped. Just keep doing what your doing!

    On another note, I would’ve liked more imouto action in this episode.

  5. SotongBoy says:

    Second line: I’ve recovered from my asthma, but i’m still sensitive to changes in the air.
    My version: My asthma has already recovered. Though i’m still sensitive to air changes.

    Oyatsu: We have been told we’re not welcome here,
    Oyatsu: and so the atmosphere’s gloomy, isn’t it?
    My: We were told we weren’t welcome here.
    My: So the atmosphere is gloomy.

    Oyatsu: It’s because we were outright rejected yesterday.
    Me: We were rejected outright yesterday, that’s why.

    Oyatsu: The cause of this mood is…. her, right? (You don’t use ellipses when you have no intention to split them into 2 separate lines)
    Me: I guess she’s responsible for the mood here.

    Oyatsu: She has great marks, and seems serious and dignified.
    Me: She has good grades, is serious and very dignified.

    Oyatsu: She’s exactly the person who has the experience in Yui Girls’ (taiken does not mean experience here. It means a person with the best credentials, the role model)
    Me: Her sole existence is the prima-donna(role-model) of Yui Girls’.

    Oyatsu: On top of that, she’s the school principal’s dear daughter. (Too many apostrophe)
    Me: She’s actually also the beloved daughter of the school principal.

    Oyatsu: If someone like her objects to the merger,
    Oyatsu: the students of Yui Girls’ will be against it too, won’t they? (Comma splices)
    Me: The students of Yui Girls’ will surely be against the merger if someone like her objects to it.

    Oyatsu: At the very least, I am not welcoming you male students!
    Me: I’m not welcoming boys like you at the very least.

    Oyatsu: Because Yuihime Girls’ Academy is an all-girls high school!
    Me: That’s because Yuihime Girls’ Academy is a girls school!

    Oyatsu: In this case, the one who can open the window and restore the good mood…
    Oyatsu: ….is her!
    Me: Which means she’s the only one who can restore the good mood by opening the window.

    Oyatsu: It doesn’t look like things are going very well, Shingo-san.
    Me: Seems like things aren’t going very well, Shingo-san.

    Oyatsu: I see you’re wearing the maid outfit in the classroom, too. (Uryuu mentions “Ange” directly by the name, and it wasn’t reflected. So this is a consistency problem too.)
    Me: You’re wearing a maid costume even in the classroom, Ange.

    Oyatsu: By the way, mother is from England, so Ange’s half English.
    Me: Also, Mother is from England which makes Ange half English. (She doesn’t say “half English” though. I think what she is emphasising is she is a half-breed)

    More to come later.

  6. >Me: That’s because Yuihime Girls’ Academy is a girls school!
    what kind of school? Elementary? Junior High?
    >Me: Also, Mother is from England which makes Ange half English. (She doesn’t say “half English” though. I think what she is emphasising is she is a half-breed)
    no one named Mother there so don’t capitalize it.
    >Me: You’re wearing a maid costume even in the classroom, Ange.
    she isn’t a cosplayer.

    This isn’t funny if someone want to post editing problem has his own editing problem, too.
    Also this is like Typesetter versus QC/Editor battle.

  7. AvidElite says:

    @SotongBoy – I’m the editor, and yes, I am Canadian.

    In response to your concerns about episode one’s inconsistencies, we’re quite aware of them. I’m going to go back and clean up that script in the next few days, so look forward to a version two. No one will admit that was our best work, or even good work, but as I said, we plan to clean it up.

    You clearly know enough about Japanese to translate it to English. So it should follow that you know there are many ways of constructing sentences that can literally convey the same meaning, but have a different emotional feel, or the reverse. Most of the “alternate translations” you posted are damn near the same thing as we have.

    Our subtitle style is not as literal as you may like. My position on subtitles has always been to construct a natural English conversation that conveys the same feeling as the original Japanese, possibly at the expense of the literal meaning.

    I also try to maintain mannerisms like when Ange refers to herself in the third person. Or when someone uses a repeated word in Japanese like “hai hai” then the subtitle should be “yes yes” or “fine fine”.

    Because of Ange, you can hear her reffering to herself in the third person. She doesn’t say “watashi”, “atashi”, or “boku”, she says “Ange” to refer to herself. the viewers can hear that, even if they don’t speak Japanese. So the subtitles will reflect that.

    In short, people don’t speak with perfect grammar all the time. So the subtitles will reflect and verbal ticks or improper wording they use. This applies to too many “of”s or apostrophes.

    Quite simply, I’m proud of the work we did on episode two.

    If your Japanese and English skills are so strong, perhaps you’d care to apply to be a translator for our group?

    Obvious troll is obvious.

  8. SotongBoy says:

    Oyatsu: The stray maid is officially recognized by the principal, but my classmates are still unfamiliar with her. ( I thought you use British English?)
    Me: The principal officially recognises the “Stray maid”, even though my classmates don’t know her too well.

    Oyatsu: But, the person they’re least close with is… her.
    Me: Still, she’s still the person everyone is most unfamiliar with.

    Oyatsu: That encounter seems… so unreal.
    Me: That encounter seems so surreal.

    Oyatsu: Um, no, that… Sena-san. (Too literal)
    Me: Well, you know… I…. Sena-san.

    Oyatsu: I was being absentminded. I’m really sorry!
    Me: I was absent-minded. I’m really sorry!

    Oyatsu: OK, the girls will be next.
    Me: OK! The girls are next.

    Oyatsu: At first, this was an academy for high class girls.
    Me: This was initially an academy for elegant girls.

    Oyatsu: No one assumed that there’d be boys studying here.
    Me: Nobody would’ve thought boys will be studying here.

    Oyatsu: It’s hard on us, having to change in a corner of the schoolyard.
    Me: Changing at the corner of the schoolyard is hard on us.

    Oyatsu: It’s in times like this that you should do something as a student council president.
    Me: As the president of the student council, you should do something in times like these.

    Oyatsu: It looks like no one has the time to sit back and relax.
    Me: Looks like no one has time to sit back and relax.

    Oyatsu: Yes. It’s a pity, but there aren’t any gym clothes specially made for maids.
    Me: Yeah, unfortunately there aren’t any gym clothes made specially for maids.

    Oyatsu: Ange, you’re not against the merger?
    Me: Are you against the merger, Ange?

    Oyatsu: There are some who are objecting to the merger.
    Me: Well, there’re some who objects to merging.

    Oyatsu: Even so, more people are accepting of it.
    Me: But still, there are quite a number of people who are OK with it.

    Oyatsu: Isn’t that just everyone’s compassion?
    Me: I guess that’s just the kindness of everybody.

    Oyatsu: Ah~ Sacchan-san is such an adult!
    Me: Oh my, Sacchan-san! You’re so mature!

    Oyatsu: Ange is impressed!
    Me: Ange is so touched!

    Oyatsu: But, as long as she still objects to the merger,
    Oyatsu: it doesn’t seem like the atmoshere around here will get better.
    Me: I don’t think the mood around here will improve if she’s still against the idea of merging.

    Oyatsu: Why won’t you at least knock?
    Me: You should at least knock!

    Oyatsu: That’s enough! I understand that Uryuu-kun is that sort of person!
    Me: That’s enough! I know now what kind of person you are, Uryuu-kun.

    Oyatsu: The atmosphere has gotten much worse. (Gotten isn’t British English.)
    Me: The atmosphere seems to have worsened.

    Oyatsu: You’re not acting like your usual self, Shingo.
    Me: You don’t seem to be acting like what you normally do, Shingo.

    Oyatsu: It seems (to be) a bit harder for me to stay in the classroom.
    Me: It’s harder for me to stay in class now.

    Oyatsu: Oh! She put a lot of effort into today’s meal, but…
    Me: Oh! She really put in lots of effort into making today’s meal.

    Oyatsu: Nothing. I’m happy thinking about how welcoming my senpai is.
    Me: It’s nothing. I’m just kind of glad that you’re so receptive, senpai.

    Oyatsu: Ah, yes. Since i’m going to a new school, my sister put a lot of effort in to making this.
    Me: Yeah. My sister had put in a lot of effort making this for me since i’m going to a new school.

    Oyatsu: It may be tough until you get used to it,
    Oyatsu: but this is a nice academy.
    Me: It might be tough while you’re still not used to it.
    Me: But this is a nice academy

    Oyatsu: At the very worst, i’m still welcome.
    Me: I’m still welcomed at the very worst.

    Oyatsu: I think it’ll be fine if you stay as your usual self.
    Me: I think it’s going to be fine if you act like you normally do.

    Oyatsu: They use bad words.
    Me: They hurl vulgarities.

    Oyatsu: They behave like children.
    Me: They are so childish.

    Oyatsu: You seem to have got a very bad reputation, gentlemen.
    Me: The boys seem to have given off a very bad impression.

    Oyatsu: However, ever since the merger experiment started, haven’t more of you cleaned up on your appearance?

    Oyatsu: However, i’m sure most of you have become more self conscious of your appearances after the merger experiment started.

    Oyatsu: If there isn’t any conscious awareness of the opposite gender,
    Oyatsu: it’s easy to overlook such areas.
    Me: Such areas are very often overlooked when you aren’t conscious of the opposite gender.

    Oyatsu: Since you’ve been born as women, you’ve got to train to become good women.
    Me: You’ve to train yourselves to become fine women having been born as women.

    Oyatsu: From today onwards, we’ll be implementing the special curriculum.
    Me: We’ll hereby be implementing the special curriculum from today onwards.

    Oyatsu: Yes. It’s not only cooking, it also includes sewing, the tea ceremony, and flower arrangement.
    Me: Yeah. There’re not only cooking, but also sewing, tea ceremony and flower arrangement.

    Oyatsu: It’s generally about those kinds of old things. (How many times have you started the sentence with “it”)

    Me: Generally, they’re all those old stuff.

    Oyatsu: It’s a curriculum which aims to train those skills in women.
    Me: A curriculum that aims to teach women skills in those aspects.

    Oyatsu: Has class T been divided into groups already?
    Me: Is class T divided into groups yet?

    Oyatsu: We’ll be dividing into five groups of six people each.
    Me: Let’s divide ourselves into five groups of six.

    Oyatsu: Each group will consist 2 each from Yui Girls’, Kagamidai girls and boys. (I have no idea what this is)
    Me: With a group consisting of two from Yui Girls’ and two each from the girls and boys in Kagamidai.

    Oyatsu: So, all of a sudden, we’re going to be mixed with the girls and practising cooking?
    Me: Suddenly, we’re going to learn cooking while being grouped with those girls?

    Oyatsu: If we don’t perform well, we’ll be even less welcomed.
    Me: We’ll be rejected even more if we don’t perform well in this.

    Oyatsu: When peeling the chestnuts, please be careful of using the proper way of holding the knife.
    Me: Please be mindful of how you would hold the knife properly while peeling the chestnuts.

    Oyatsu: It’ll be fine if I follow Shingo. (How many “it”s do you intend to include)
    Me: I’ll be fine as long as I follow What Shingo does.

    Oyatsu: The boys have become more of a help.
    Me: The boys are becoming more of a help.

    Oyatsu: In any case, this had been a great chance for boys and girls to help out one another.
    Me: Well, this was a good chance for the boys and girls to help one another.

    Oyatsu: Sena-san, is there anything I can help you with?
    Me: Do you need any help, Sena-san?

    Oyatsu: There’s nothing I can think of.
    Me: I can’t think of anything at the moment.

    Oyatsu: You really have your own ways, Airi.
    Me: You really do what you want, Airi.

    Oyatsu: If only we can get the soup stock, it’ll be easy later on. (I don’t get this)
    Me: It’ll be easier once we get the soup stock.

    Oyatsu: But it’s so much of a hassle for just one step.
    Me: But it’s too troublesome doing so much just for that one step.

    Oyatsu: You’ll have to get used to it later.
    Me: You’ll surely get used to it later.

    Oyatsu: Sena-san doesn’t look at the opposite gender. Even so, she’s isn’t someone who’d be caught off guard easily. (Meh, so long and complicated. Timer didn’t even bother to split)
    Me: Sena-san doesn’t seem to be in the spotlight of the opposite gender.
    Me: But she’s not the kind to let her guard down just because of that.

    Oyatsu: That’s because we’ve been using the ingredients as we pleased.
    Me: Well, we’re allowed to use as much ingredients as we want.

    Oyatsu: It’s not that we wanted the ingredients, but Ange has been relentlessly bringing them here. (Split, shorten and simplify for easy reading and understanding. When we speak in dialogues, we don’t include too many connectors. It’s weird)
    Me: We didn’t want that much ingredients.
    Me: Ange just kept relentlessly taking them here.

  9. sm2345 says:

    “The principal officially recognises the “Stray maid”, even though my classmates don’t know her too well.”
    I see no need to put stray maid in quotes here; it’s not a title bestowed to her. She only calls herself a stray maid because she hasn’t found her master yet.

    “Still, she’s still the person everyone is most unfamiliar with.”
    No, they do know that the person is called Sena Airi. Yours is over edit.

    “That encounter seems so surreal.”
    Say it out loud to yourself; then think if you’ll say it like that again.

    “Well, you know… I…. Sena-san.”
    True that, yours is better.

    … And so on, the saga continues.

    For the record I hate “there’re”, is it therere?

    True, we might not have the best edit, but given your attitude, it doesn’t help at all.

    Is this the reaction you wanted? No? Yes? I couldn’t care less.

    In any case, please stop wasting your and my precious time for giving such feedback when it stinks of “I’m superior than you”.

    Now, if you will excuse me, I’ve got some assignments to take care of…

  10. SotongBoy says:

    Oyatsu: So now it’s become my fault.
    Me: So it’s my fault now?

    Oyatsu: I didn’t say that though.
    Me: That’s not what I meant.

    Oyatsu: I’m feeling very hungry now, so please serve a larger portion for me. ( Why do you include blank words to lengthen the lines?)
    Me: I’m really hungry now.
    Me: Please can I have a larger portion.

    Oyatsu: Second serving!
    Me: Seconds! (I want more!)

    Oyatsu: We met just a little while ago. (Shorten and be concise)
    Me: We met a while ago.

    Oyatsu: Er… It’s been a week since the merger experiment started. (Don’t include the “err” “eh” that sort of stuff. It is understood and can be heard!)(What is merger experiment? It should be a “trial merge”)(Don’t start with “it” all the time!)
    Me: A week has passed since the merge had begun.

    Oyatsu: Class representative normination (This is OK, but why would you remove the “of” when it is needed. It doesn’t make sense joining two nouns together without a connector)
    Me: Normination for class representative.

    Oyatsu: So… that is…. if we can nominate a class representative soon, (There are two representatives, but whatever…)(Purpose of subtitles is to show the meaning and not too much imagery. You are using ellipses to emphasise that she is sluttering. This is not needed. It can be heard!!!! It only makes the subtitles less concise and an eye sore)
    Oyatsu: Sensei will be very, very thankful. (This line could have been joined with the previous line!)
    Me: So, I’ll be extremely grateful if we can norminate class representatives soon.

    Oyatsu: Everyone belongs in this class afterall, so um,
    Oyatsu: let’s select one each from Yui Girls’ and Kagami Academy. (Intention breaking of one sentence into two. I understand that there are times when it can’t be helped that a sentence has to end with a comma or an ellipse. But this sentence is so simple to condense into one. So why not do it?)
    Me: Everyone is a part of the class, so let’s elect a representative each from Yui Girls’ and Kagami Academy.

    Oyatsu: Anyway, i’m still holding (onto) the role of Kagamidai student council president.
    Me: Well, i’m still the Kagamidai student council president.

    Oyatsu: It’s equivalent to a position vice-president over here.
    Me: It’s equivalent to being a vice-president here.

    Oyatsu: Because it seems like Shingo can read the mood and do a good job. (The “because” is understood. Starting a sentence with one isn’t really nice)
    Me: It seems like Shingo is able to read the atmosphere and does a good job.

    Oyatsu: So then, chosen representatives, please stand up and greet everyone. (Comma splices can be removed with suitable connectors)
    Me: Well then, can the elected representatives please stand up and greet everybody.

    Oyatsu: Ah, just as I thought, it’s Shingo-san, right? (When you use “right”, it’s normally for deshou or da nee, an affirmative question but not a question. In this case, she uses desuka which is a direct question.)
    Me: It’s Shingo-san as i’ve expected?

    Oyatsu: Say, I can give my consent to that. (this is too formal, and she isn’t speaking as formally as Airi.)
    Me: Hey, I can agree to that.

    Oyatsu: That is, indeed true. (A comma for an ellipse is incorrect)
    Me: That’s indeed quite true.

    Oyatsu: This isn’t a joke, right? Why should I work with a person like him?
    Me: You’ve got to be joking? Why must I work with someone like him?

    I know many of you might think i’m trolling. But I waste so much time just to type all these. I watch and write the lines I feel are awkward. So if this isn’t appreciated, I won’t do it anymore. It’s just that the script is too raw to be seen as edited.

    A literal translation is said by the most loyal linguist to be the best translation. But what I can say is that an over literal translation disrupts the flow of sentences and leads to a decrease in viewing experience. Japanese and English are too different to be translated exactly and yet make it flow in English. You have to establish a balance. Even the best translators out there don’t do a word for word translation because that defeats the purpose of putting it in english in the first place.

    A look at Doki’s first episode translation is what you call a balanced piece of work. The translation is literal where it needs to, but at convention phrases such as everyday sentences which can be related to english in its norm, it is liberal. A translation should only be literal when the line cannot be phrased in english while retaining its meaning.

    On the whole, I like the show a lot. That is why I am picky with the wordings. I will still continue watching Oyatsu even if you guys do not want to take in my words of advice. I just thought the group is slightly different from the ones out there who always seem to be in denial when told in comments of suggestions to improve. I associate Oyatsu to a group that is willing to review opinions of a viewer.

    • oh I guess it’s a misunderstanding… sorry for that…. Cuz some certain person still trying to troll us because most of the staff are former of Doki..
      ok feedback noted :D.. We will fix the noted stuff on batch 😀

    • sm2345 says:

      Worry not, we’re very much receptive to feedback. In fact, we appreciate that someone goes out of their way to point us mistakes we make.

      However, the attitude remains the problem. I firmly believe that you should be more modest or courteous while suggesting things, even if you feel disappointed that we did not do a job that lived to your expectations, as we do not like arrogant people and their arrogance.

      And well, the situation worsens if you’re from another group and want to boast how “good” your subs are, and how “bad” ours are. I hope that is not your case.

      In any case, some of suggestions you point out have essence in them. We’ll be taking note of those.

      And trust me, I love the anime.

    • MarukoM says:

      I like this guy, whoever he is.

    • Insemination says:

      TL;DR, but you seem like you know what you’re doing. Join Zenyaku. We actually appreciate talented individuals here.

  11. Pfp says:

    Enjoyed your work. Keep up the great work and anti-troll stasis field!

  12. Konichiwa says:

    Oyatsu Fansubs you did a very good job 🙂
    Thank you for subbing Mashiro Iro 😀

  13. Kazy says:

    Are you doing the Bluray?

    • sm2345 says:

      No, I’m afraid. However, we’d be glad if some group picks up our subs to do BDs with. ^^

      As for fixes, we plan on releasing a TV batch with script fixes and stuff.

  14. Conan_Edogawa says:

    I downloaded the episode, but i’m having some kind of an issue where Windows explorer crashes when it tries to generate a thumbnail for the file. i deleted it and re-downloaded it, but i’m still having the issue. anyone know how to fix this?

    • sm2345 says:

      Does this happen for all the video files you try to open? Or is it just the 02 release which causes the problem?

      • Conan_Edogawa says:

        oh, it’s just this one file, though this kind of thing has happened to me two other times out of the HUNDREDS of mkv files i’ve downloaded. and it’s not an issue of opening it. if i use my media player to open the file from a list view, where it won’t try to generate a thumbnail, it plays just fine. the issue comes from trying to view the file as just a file.

        basically, the file is pretty much 100% fine, except that windows tries to generate a thumbnail for it, fails, crashes, and if it’s save to my desktop, like i usually do, then it goes to a state of constant crashing/.

    • Sotongboy says:

      Go to my computer -> Go under the tools (Press alt if your window hides it) -> folder options -> Go under view -> uncheck the “Display file icon on thumbnails.

      That should solve the problem.

      If it does not, uninstall CCCP and reinstall. Towards the end, they will prompt whether you want to create thumbnails for a list of video formats, uncheck the .mkv icon.

      • Conan_Edogawa says:

        awesome. thanks.

      • sm2345 says:

        Didn’t know of the solution. Thanks ^^

      • Conan_Edogawa says:

        hasn’t worked yet. also, new problems:

        1) i have the file in a folder inside another folder. the main folder is set to list view so the folder the file is in won’t try to generate the thumbnail for the file and crash windows…. except if i highlight the folder, don’t even have to go into it, the file makes windows crash.

        2) i can open the file directly through the media player, but then the subtitles don’t play.

        any idea what’s wrong here?

      • Conan_Edogawa says:

        never mind. all fixed. thanks again for the help. :3

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