Love Get CHU – 21

[Oyatsu] Love Get Chu – 21 (640×480 DivX511 mp3) [70B22D59].mkv

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After more than two months of hiatus, Love Get CHU is finally moving.  You might be thinking Love Get CHU must be a cursed show doomed to never be completed. But we are not dropping the show unless I get killed in my line of duty. I hope this assures all the worry-warts out there.

However, there won’t be anymore Love Get CHU releases until the 5th December as sm2345 is having his exams. I still intend to finish this show by the end of the year. With only four more episodes to go, this target isn’t far off.

Also, those trying to get the previous 15 episodes can do so here.

In this episode, Momoko and gang joins the audition to become the new voice of Skate; Love II’s heroine. However, the audition turns out to be something rather different from what they had in mind. Will they be able to make it through to the next round?

Lastly, sm2345 wants me to add that there is a Galaxy Angel poster on 07:36.

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8 Responses to Love Get CHU – 21

  1. CM says:

    Thank you a whole lot. I’m very patiently and eagerly awaiting for you to finish this so I can finally watch the whole thing. 🙂

  2. ColoR Green says:


  3. LGChu Fan says:

    You know, this show (and the fact it stalled) is the reason I started fansubbing some 5 years ago!!!

    However, I’m not a TL’er, and we always had problems trying to get one interested enough to finish TL’ing the episodes. When I started fansubbing, I was promised we’d get it done…but 5 years later….

    snaps, props, kudos to you and your team for picking it up again!!

  4. Konichiwa says:

    Thank you ! Thank you ! Thank you !
    I’m so happy that you continue this show ! Great Job ! 🙂
    😀 !

  5. Photorock says:

    OMG this is the best… Thank You. I don’t know about anyone else but to a small wait is nothing, just the fact that someone was kind enough to finish this wonderful anime… we’re grateful.

  6. Sum_of_Thunder says:

    “…we are not dropping the show unless I get killed in my line of duty.” That’s not quite as reassuring as you may have hoped, being a phrase that only applies to soldiers fire-fighers and law enforcement officers.

    Well, keep your helmet on. Shoot first and ask questions later. You have too many dependents (meaning us) relying on you.

    The translators must be protected at all costs. Send the encoders to the front lines instead. Their brazen nature and expendablity leave them well suited. Next, the editors should go forward to laser spot high value targets. After that, timers and typesetters, the grunt soldiers of the brigade to mop up any remaining hostiles. Lastly, if all else fails use the dancing of the karaoke folk to confuse the enemy while the translator escapes to fight another day. (eh, 4am?! I’d better be asleep right now.)

  7. strikezcoal says:

    Oh… my… God. You guys are AWESOME! I’ve been waiting for this anime to be finished by someone for literally 2 years. THANK YOU! And good luck with your exams!

  8. Ania says:

    I love you 😛
    Thank you very much 😀

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