Love Get Chu – 19

Sorry for the wait~ Here’s Love Get Chu 19.

In this episode, Momoko’s pretense starts to take a toll on her physical condition. Putting up an act is so painful, yet we do it often, maybe to hide it from people whom we hold precious. However, it can result in consequences depicted here, thanks to something called the “subconscious”.

Also, Momoko takes a decision in this episode.

As always, episodes 1-15 can be downloaded here.

Many thanks to:

TL – ZeroYuki

Styling/TS/Time/Edit/QC – sm2345

K-Timing/Distro – MarukoM

[Oyatsu] Love Get Chu – 19 (640×480 DivX511 mp3) [56F70E20].mkv

Torrent || DDL

Enjoy the snack. 😀 Comments, feedback, suggestions etc are welcome.

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2 Responses to Love Get Chu – 19

  1. Green says:

    Thanks for this episode was a fast upload too.

  2. ukw says:

    WOW! This anime came to life again! Is been stop for like 6+month i think…. No fansub want to do it or just stop.. Going to give up But OYATSU FANSUBS make it alive! I really like this anime. thankyou!

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