Love Get Chu – 17

Here’s Love Get Chu 17~ As promised, we now have kara from this ep onwards.

Also, we’ll try to release atleast one episode every week.

Episodes 1-15 can be downloaded here.

Many thanks to:

TL – ZeroYuki

Styling/TS/Time/Edit/QC – sm2345

K-Timing/Distro – MarukoM

EDIT: I made a mistake in naming the file before uploading to DDL, it’s actually the one mentioned below. I’ll reupload with a proper name later. Both the files are the same. Apologies for the inconvenience.

EDIT2: DDL link with proper filename is up. Apologies for the goof-up.

[Oyatsu] Love Get Chu 17 (640×480 DivX511 mp3) [80922539].mkv

Torrent || DDL

Enjoy the snack. 😀 Comments, feedback, suggestions etc are welcome.

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4 Responses to Love Get Chu – 17

  1. Asuno says:

    Thanks for continuing this forgotten show 🙂
    Let me guess ZeroYuki is from Singapore correct?

  2. Green says:

    YAY thanks for episode 17 thanks for subbing this keep up the good work

  3. Wasurenai says:

    Wow, thanks. Finally someone is doing it. Practice-subs almost destroyed my hope.

  4. Photorock says:

    Thank you so much… we really do appreciate this.

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